“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.” 

That quote was from Simon Pegg, known for many “niche” films such as Mission Impossible (Benji Dunn), Ready Player One (Curator), Shaun of the Dead (Shaun), J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (Scotty), and the voice of Dengar in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Time to Geek Out

Be who you are - geek or not.

When Simon Pegg said that, the quote should have made its way on a shirt, a spray-painted wall, or a full back tattoo. It’s not just about being “geeky” or finding freedom in freaking out over things others would question, this is about being who you are

Find liberation in that. The things we have loved for years are now pop culture necessity so we can be who we are unashamedly.

Whatever your passion is and makes you…you, Enjoy it! 

Be it comic book movies or comic books, science fiction to fantasy, post-apocalyptic to horror, binging TV shows or having 32,000 songs on 18 different playlists on Spotify — you know, anything… 

We’re glad you’re here. Below is how you get involved.


The Rabbit Hole

What an Amazing Team

Now that you understand the team of MoviesMatrix.com all belong to something greater than the sum of our parts, understand no blog, podcast, graphic arts, or social media platform is complete without a dynamic team behind them.

There are people who make this thing move. The minds behind the editorials. The thoughts behind the graphics. The voices behind the podcasts. The ideas behind the social. This is the team plugged into the MoviesMatrix. Are you?

Do you miss reading content that cites sources, provides balanced reporting, and some really thought provoking editorials? More than a dozen signature columns — all dedicated to entertainment and the geckaphile! Lastly about this team, well…

Our Team. Our Issues.

  • Speaks fluent moviequotes-ese
  • Believes the word “dope” is usually reserved for a great movie score, binging a TV series in one night, excellent movie casting, or release dates of something on Spotify
  • Suited ideally for political science or engineering, but feeling more at home at film school, doing creative design and marketing, and hosting a random podcast
  • Thinks owning “a piece of history” could mean a hallowed item of sports or music memorabilia, but for this gang, usually is a replica lightsaber or some elven magic book
  • Understands that underneath the wrinkled superhero shirts, skinny jeans, and Vans lies the mind and body of ‘America’s Next Top Model’
  • Stress that we have not lost our mind…they are backed up on some USB drive somewhere
  • Recommended by four out of five people that recommend things
  • And has a connection to Albert Einstein but that is only the firm understanding that e=mc2 is probably some cheat code for an RPG game

Now that you have heard about them, take some time to get to know the Geckaphiles of the MoviesMatrix!

MoviesMatrix Spotify Playlists

If someone asked you about Spotify Playlists, you would probably think about some of the most memorable songs that have ever been written. As a result, they may be so engraved in your medulla because of the movies.

Ever heard a song that has won Grammys, Emmys, and accolades; yet, you know it because it was on a Disney movie or something you heard in film two years ago? So, what do you do? You make some Spotify Playlists

That’s the power of cinema and music.

There is undeniable connection between the two, so we did the same thing. We polled our followers and discussed it internally. All of those movie songs, stirring scores, and themes that take you back to the theater or the couch immediately are here. Therefore, the Spotify Playlists have considerable sway in the cinephile and musicophile communities.

Why Make a Spotify Playlists for Movies and TV?

spotify playlistsSometimes, a movie needs a powerful song because the words on top of the melody tells the story perfectly. To carry that feeling with you always usually means creating a playlist on whatever music platform you hold dear.

We will have our favorite soundtracks (songs with words for those scoring at home), scores (the instrumental music you hum in the shower), and themes (words or not but positive mojo always) on our own finely crafted Spotify Playlists.

When the movie tells the story the music echoes, you have a classic soundtrack, score, or theme in your ears and on your hands. Someone who knows a thing or two about creating the perfect soundtrack with his ears and hands is a noted musicophile and acclaimed director:

I’ve always thought my soundtracks do pretty good, because they’re basically professional equivalents of a mix tape I’d make for you at home.

Quentin Tarantino

Amen to that!

Our Mix Tapes and Spotify Playlists made for you

Yesterday's mix tape is today's Spotify Playlists

We are geckaphiles, cinephiles, and musicophiles. We love the combination of a song or score and a dope film, so these playlists on Spotify (our own movie and TV Mix Tapes) are necessary for everyone to enjoy. Go get them. They are our gift to you.

Among the three Spotify playlists we have created, there are more than 2,000 songs and 120 hours of the best movie, TV, and gaming scores, and themes for you to enjoy. That quite a bit of music to take you on a trip down nostalgia lane. If you think there is a TV show or movie not represented, let us know, drop the dime, and we’ll bring the jams to you.

Thanks for jamming with us!