Will Watch | Avengers: Infinity War Review

Will Watch | Avengers: Infinity War Review

avengers fireWARNING: If you haven’t seen the movie yet for one reason or another (I don’t know why because the movie has been out for a good couple of months), do it, come back and read this review. Please. This review breaks the silence on a number of different spoilers so there is no #ThanosDemandsYourSilence. This is a SPOILER review. 

“Run from it. Dread it. Destiny still arrives.” “The end is near.” “It’s the end of the path I started us on.” “Together.” “We’ll lose.” “Then we’ll do that together too.”

Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has built the past decade. Marvel has introduced 18 movies, developed countless superheroes, and created 10 years worth of storytelling that have all led to this ambitious crossover comic-book movie, arguably the best of all-time.

RUN-DOWN: Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy, face their toughest test yet. The Mad Titan, Thanos, is on the hunt to collect all six Infinity stones, and once he does, he can wipe out half of humanity with one fatal snap and become the most powerful being in the universe.

REVIEW: One of the most important things to take from any movie in general, especially Infinity War, is its direction. The Russo Brothers have done incredibly well to direct and meet fan expectations here given the amount of justified hype and surpassing expectation surrounding this movie.

I think, also given the celebration of their previously directed Marvel movies (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War), the Russo brothers showed they were up to the task of directing a ‘big’ Marvel movie. Clearly, the direction Anthony and Joe Russo took this movie is far beyond what they have previously done. Infinity War, in some aspects, is clearly taken from the Infinity Gauntlet comic book and the Infinity graphic novel.

The opening scene of Infinity War is great; it sets the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the movie, introduces characters that we’ve never seen before on-screen, and gave us character deaths we never thought we would see at all.


In this scene, we see the Asgardian ship (from Thor:Ragnarok’s post-credits scene) in up in flames presumably 20 minutes after the first post-credits scene in the aforementioned film. What happens? Loki gives Thanos the Tesseract/Space stone, Hulk fights Thanos and most importantly, we witness Loki’s (and Heimdall’s) death.

Loki’s death is the most important thing from the first few minutes of the movie. Throughout the MCU, we don’t know whether Loki is the good guy or the bad guy and this scene proves that Loki is a good guy.

Even though he secretly had the Tesseract and gave Thanos the space stone, Loki actually tried to kill Thanos until he was strangled to death. Before he died, we catch Loki whispering “You will never be a God.” This shows Loki’s admiration in his brother, as if he was saying to Thanosm\, “You will never be Thor, you will be nowhere near as powerful as my brother.”

I think Loki’s attempt to stab Thanos and the way his death played out was really important to his character. Another thing I took from the opening few minutes of Infinity War was the Thanos-Hulk fight.

For me, that whole fight was fantastic because not only did it show Thanos’ fighting skills but it showed how much Thanos was to be feared, which was why we didn’t see much of the green raging monster as we had anticipated. There is also a shot of Hulk’s facial expression of complete shock when Thanos caught his punch. Hulk always thought he was indestructible and that no one would match his strength, but when that happened it showed there will be lasting ramifications on Hulk and anyone who tries to match strength with the Mad Titan.


Another scene I enjoyed in the movie, which is arguably up there in terms of the top three over the course of the movie, is the Soul Stone scene.

Throughout this part of the story, we see Thanos getting the fourth stone by sacrificing his favourite daughter Gamora. We were also treated to a surprise appearance from the villain of the first Captain America movie, Red Skull.

For me, this is where the cinematography shines in the movie; it reminds me of that scene in GOTG 2 where we see Gamora on Ego’s planet in the middle of nowhere. It’s so simplistic. This whole scene (excluding Gamora’s shocking death) is so beautiful and deep to the father-daughter relationship between Thanos and Gamora. The Mad Titan really does love and care about her to a point that he’s heartbroken to sacrifice Gamora in order to fulfill his motivation, a soul for a soul.

Finally, Red Skull’s appearance is one that shocked me (and most of us). At first, I thought it was Mistress given the cloak and the ominous appearance. I mean, the whole scene talks about loved ones and sacrifice. And when Red Skull’s face appeared, I was gobsmacked. I think the entire Soul Stone scene is one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a movie this year, and one of the most in-depth and insightful scenes in the MCU. Ever.

iw wakandaThirdly, the final fight scene of Infinity War involved some of the biggest characters on Wakanda. It’s up there with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in terms of the best endings in the MCU canon.

This entire scene (from the snap, the characters being erased form existence and Thanos looking out into the sunset) felt like it was completely ripped out of the Infinity Gauntlet comic book. It was perfect — the acting, the cinematography, and the tone of it all. In addition, Tom Holland’s acting (when Spider-Man/Peter Parker is disappearing) is phenomenal. Peter Parker isn’t older than 17, and when Holland delivers the lines “Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good” and “I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go” to Tony… well, it was fantastic.

We felt his fear and terror that he was about to disappear. Tom Holland recently said in an interview that he actually improvised that scene. Incredible!

IMHO: I believe the heroes that disappeared and were erased from existence are still alive. Surely, you can’t think Disney just killed billions of dollars worth of movies with one snap?! It’ll be like the boldest movie in film of all-time.

The ending is a perfect way to conclude one half of a movie because it left me (and probably most people) wanting more. It was a cliffhanger with Thanos looking towards a sunset and what’s to come on the horizon. This scene is so reminiscent of the ending to The Empire Strikes Back but this time, it’s the villain that is looking into the distance.

Avengers: Infinity War is Thanos’ movie. Period.

The story was told from the villain’s perspective. The flashback scene proves that, it shows why Thanos wants to wipe out half of the population and especially from the line that Thanos (Josh Brolin) says “Perfectly balanced…as all things should be.” He also talks about his motivations toward Doctor Strange in a speech that perfectly shows in Thanos’ gaze of the sunset.

Some of Brolin’s deliveries in some lines were absolutely perfect. “All that for a drop of blood” shows he believes in his power to acquire all the stones. “I hope they remember you” is said shortly after the line I just discussed. This is because not only is he being sympathetic (something you wouldn’t normally associate with a villain), but also is grieving for when he is about to kill Tony Stark…until Doctor Strange gives up the Time stone to Thanos in order to save Stark’s life.

“You aren’t the only one cursed with knowledge” to Stark is telling about his struggles throughout the movie. Thanos is arguably the best villain in the MCU and possibly up there as one of the greatest villains in CBM history. Brolin did an amazing job as Thanos, making the Mad Titan the best Marvel villain that I’ve seen on the big screen.

REFLECTION: Avengers: Infinity War is a true movie spectacle and one that delivers on the hype and excitement that has surrounded it for months. It’s emotional, at times jaw-dropping, and epic. With its fantastic storytelling, Infinity War is both absolutely incredible and is by far the BEST MCU movie to date.

Will-Watch Rating: 93%

(NOTE: Images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment)

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