Will Watch | Deadpool 2 (DVD) Review

Will Watch | Deadpool 2 (DVD) Review

thumbnail_Deadpool swanWARNING: For those of you that haven’t watched Deadpool 2 yet, stop reading this review and go and buy the DVD. Then, once you’ve watched it then you can read this review. Please. There will be spoilers and major plot details throughout this review, you have been warned. Plus, Thanos is in this movie (no, not the big purple dude!), the guy who plays Thanos…Josh Brolin! So, what I’m trying to say is that…this is a SPOILER review.

RUN-DOWN: The Merc with a mouth is back! Wade Wilson (Deadpool, aka Ryan Reynolds) is faced with the challenge of keeping a young, angry teen mutant, Russell, safe or so it seems. When Cable appears, played by the Mad Titan Josh Brolin himself, Deadpool has to form a renegade team of mutants — Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, and Peter (I had to mention him!) — to protect Russell from Cable.

The “Super Duper Cut” DVD is out this week! Features include: 

  • Audio Commentary by Ryan Reynolds, David Leitch, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Theatrical Version Only)
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel
  • Deadpool’s Lips are Sealed: Secrets and Easter Eggs
  • Until Your Face Hurts: Alt Takes
  • Roll with the Punches: Action and Stunts
  • David Leitch Not Lynch: Directing DP2
  • The Most Important X-Force Member
  • Deadpool Family Values: Cast of Characters
  • The Deadpool Prison Experiment
  • Chess with Omega Red
  • Deadpool’s Fun Sack 2
  • Stills (28 Images)

REVIEW: The first 10 minutes of this movie picks up where the last movie ended incredibly well. We find Deadpool winding up a Logan music toy from when Wolverine sadly died in his solo movie, followed by the Merc causing himself to explode. This opening scene of Deadpool killing a number of mob bosses and then faced with the death of Vanessa could be perceived as arguably the most important one in terms of its message — family.

It develops Deadpool/Wade Wilson from an emotional standpoint. His character became real with him considering settling down with Vanessa, but when she dies, he now has motivation to avenge her death that fuels his action throughout the film (or, in this case, the DVD).


Someone give Deadpool a hug!

I thought the scenes where Deadpool tracked down all of the gangster mob bosses was positive because it delves into the heart of his character.

The first Deadpool movie is renowned for its comedy and incredibly witty, 4th-wall breaking humour and the sequel does not disappoint (most of the time). Throughout much of the movie, the jokes tended to slightly drop off in terms of its quality and laughs; I found a couple of jokes, two in particular, quite outdated and just overused.

The first joke was easily the Martha line at the start when Vanessa asks Wade where he was, this joke was funny in 2016, even 2017, but when it’s said in the sequel –that’s when it kind of sucks the life and humour out of the joke. The other one was the Dubstep joke. For me, this one is really, really old and stuck in the past.

The post-credits scenes, I think, is where the Deadpool 2 crew and cast throw any and every joke at the wall and sees what sticks. The first credits scene sees the characters (Negasonic, Yukio and yep…you guessed it, Deadpool) interact and what happens here sets up what happens in the next scene. Simply, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is doing some tinkering with Cable’s time travel device while Deadpool interrupts and is given the device by Negasonic. It’s pretty simple but where the post-credits really take off and what I describe it as “The Roast of Ryan Reynolds comic-book movie career.” It is absolutely fantastic.

Deadpool uses the time travelling device to do a few things:

  1. Save Vanessa.
  2. Save Peter. YES! Peter spin-off movie confirmed?
  3. He goes back further in time to, get this…kill Deadpool in X-Men: Origins Wolverine and finally…
  4. He goes back again further in time to kill Ryan Reynolds as he finished a script for Green Lantern.

Remember, the really bad Green Lantern movie in 2011? What makes the last two so great, for me, is the fact that Reynolds is obviously acknowledging the fact that they were two really, REALLY bad career choices. Those final two post-credits snippets proved to be major hits, unlike 2011’s Green Lantern movie and what they did with Deadpool in X-Men: Origins Wolverine.

I think if I were to nit-pick Deadpool 2,  then I would probably say that the movie was slightly overstuffed. There was so much going on in this movie that didn’t give you time to think about what you just saw and that, unfortunately, was what let the movie down.

In the space of 2 hours, this movie: set-up X-Force, killed off X-Force, introduced Cable, introduced Juggernaut (as a villain?). offered an X-Men cameo, had a prison fight. There was just too much movie in this movie.

Another nit-pick I have for Deadpool 2 (specifically the trailers) was that it placed the villain tag on Cable as the person that would be the enemy of the movie whereas in the actual movie, the REAL villain was Juggernaut or Firefist (aka Russell). From my point of view, the villain of the movie was unclear and I did wanted to know who Deadpool was up against. I was like: “Was it Cable? No, wait, was it Juggernaut?”

REFLECTION: Deadpool 2 is a great movie. The jokes were more hit than miss, it is surprisingly heartfelt and there are some surprise cameos (see if you can spot them) and the end-credits are sure to get laughing. This sequel reached the heights of the first one and is a solid follow-up.

Will-Watch Rating: 85%


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