Iron Fist May Have Brought Back Its Glow

Iron Fist May Have Brought Back Its Glow

Patrons of the Netflix and Marvel marriage have had many reasons for a binge-worthy rousing applause. Jessica Jones is foreboding but amenable. Luke Cage whispers classic soul with the grit of today’s Harlem. Daredevil is ominous and supreme. The Punisher is as imperious as he should be.

And then, there is Finn Jones’ portrayal as the masked man from K’un-Lun, the immortal Iron Fist. Meh.

What missed with season one, besides, you know…everything? There was so much promise and an incredible track record to catapult this thing into our homes with force. Martial arts. Mystic powers. Superhero friends. Dude is a billionaire. And he has a hand that doubles as a night-light. What’s not to love?!

Well, everything if you are a nerd and was jonesin’ for a great binge. (See what I did there?)

Netflix heard the overwhelming bashing of “overacting,” “non-believable,” and “where’d the hell you get this dude” and did something about it. That reclamation process began in Luke Cage season 2. Danny Rand lightened up (no pun intended that time) and realized his own humanity.

Sure, Luke pummeled him verbally with “You had power the day you were born” but being someone who is immune from sociopolitical banter, Rand forges ahead and a relationship we all get to enjoy.

That was appetizers. This was the main course, as delivered by Netflix recently:

Just trying to keep the peace

And we get 10 new episodes of that beginning September 7! Classic callbacks to Marvel canon. Much improved martial arts skills. Semibionic pals and defenders or the faith. Typhoid Mary makes a cameo. And we meet Steel Serpent, Rand’s old K’un-Lun chum named Davos who is fueled by vengeance and carries illuminated knuckles of his own.

As the story goes, Davos never got to fight Puff, the magic dragon of Shou-Lao. Rand did. He got the immortal Iron Fist moniker. Davos takes on a sinister name and stays pissed.

Granted, it’s just two-and-a-half minutes but you see a more introspective Danny Rand, sans the soap opera asides of peering into his own soul. We see more characters that actually matter to his Chi (much less, our interest). And that fighting between Fist and Serpent will not disappoint!

This is a show about a martial arts expert after all, and if you noticed Season One made the senpai look like a prepubescent Daniel-son. Something not really welcomed among The Defenders. 

Mark your calendars, nerds and martial arts students (I’m both, so double points for me). The Fist is coming back with (his own) vengeance.

(NOTE: All images used courtesy of Netflix and Marvel’s Iron Fist) 

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