Denzel Washington is a Nerd (Maybe), So Cast Him Already. We did.

Denzel Washington is a Nerd (Maybe), So Cast Him Already. We did.

In a seemingly innocuous interview on The Equalizer 2 press junket, Denzel Washington was asked a question by one inquisitive nerd.

Eoghan Doherty, notably of, was speaking to arguably the greatest and most diverse actor of this generation. While during some spirited repartee, he throws in some “geek speak.”

What we got has the CBM community buzzing like a honeybee in heat!

Wait, what?!

If you listened to the interview, Eoghan was leading to a superhero question, so mad props for the navigation there. He begins by questioning Washington on his character, Robert McCall, as being noted as “a superhero of sorts.”

Washington appreciates the metaphor, talked briefly about how the people he rescues perceives his character and then *BOOM* goes the dynamite! 

“And speaking of superheroes, have you been approached by Marvel or DC to join their worlds, or is that something that would kind of interest you?”

” I haven’t been approached… we’ll see what happens. Never say never.” 

And no one gave two turds about the rest of the interview following those remarks. (Which, not for nothing, if you like the franchise, you’ll dig the rest of it.)

Nerd Twitter went bananas. Polls were created. Fancasting blossomed. And a few Marvel vs. DC fanatics arm wrestled outside of a comic book shop. Probably.

To help settle the universe banter, there’s probably an edge to Marvel on which brand would land the two-time Oscar winner.

Back to the interview, Denzel shares a nice story of how he learned Chadwick Boseman was inspired by him. In that story, Denzel notes that he and Ryan (Coogler) are friends and they talk often. As we can guess, some of the best recruiters for superstars to get in a movie of any kind, is a director with respect and connections.

So, there’s that. But DC fans are not far behind in the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’. The rumor has been spinning about Denzel for a minute. First, we heard that DC and WB were thinking of casting him as Lex Luthor in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. (Can you imagine how dope that would have been?!)

Denzel denied ever knowing about the consideration to Screen Rant, but people talk. He knew. That was only surpassed in hype by the rumor (led by Nuke the Fridge, now the page has since been kiboshed) that while the Green Lantern Corps movie was being discussed, so was Denzel as John Stewart. 

So, that got us — your friends at the helm on the Nebuchadnezzar — talking about where Denzel would fit best in a CBM multiverse. See what you think:

Fancasting the Future with Denzel

john stewartJohn Stewart 

This is easily the best fit and most popular among CBM aficionados.

With the advent of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures talking about getting over the Ryan Reynolds’ debacle and building Green Lantern Corps, nerds and critics alike were going crazy about who that could be.

Geoff Johns, while no longer at the helm of the DCEU, is still focused on this film as its writer and producer. Sure, people are talking about who would be Hal (Mr. Cruise leading that charge. Oy!), but put Denzel in the role of his lantern bestie, and we may have magic in 2020.


Lucas Bishop

This is a man of the law, within questionable enforcement guidelines with a particular dystopian point-of-view.

The guy who can redirect energy, as well as absorb it, wasn’t able to do much of either during his fleeting cameo in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fans of the saga weren’t that happy about that decision at all.

So much potential flushed away because we needed more dialogue with Mystique and Logan. Bishop’s whole focus is saving the future. And with The Book of Eli, that is a match. Also, Training Law and the whole law-ish thing too.

Adam_BrashearAdam Brashear

Consider a Captain America-esque soldier who learned of some mutant powers early in life, so he creates an altar-ego so he could use them. You know? Defending his country and his secret as a hero and a black man in the Civil Rights era — all in a day’s work of a true patriot.

Enter Blue Marvel.

In a time of military support and government opposite whatever, we could a shot of nationalism and ‘The Ultimates’. Don’t you think? What a better guy to lead that charge of government-sponsored metahumans than the ultimate leading man.

lucas foxLucius Fox

Notwithstanding a compelling performance by the great Morgan Freeman in easily one of the best trilogies ever, Lucius is so much more than the business manager with the golden touch. He understands what Bruce Wayne wants to accomplish in Gotham.

So why Denzel as the artisan business genius? Because Lucius has a son…and so does Denzel. That’s right: Batwing!

Movies Matrix fan, Adam Olesen Damkjer, broached this idea in a poll and I believe I peed a little. A scientific wunderkind and U.S. soldier, Lucas Fox, would be so great to bring out of the DC canon batcave. And the Washington boys could make that a reality.


While I can’t really envision Denzel as a Robocop-type, I can see him as a brilliant anti-hero motivated by what he doesn’t know — that he’s a machine.

A few years back, Luther Manning almost got his debut, probably on Netflix, Hulu, or something. Alas, no Deathlok. Maybe now is the time?

In many of his roles, Denzel has been a soldier (A Soldier’s Story, Glory, Crimson Tide) and a great leader of men (Malcolm X, Cry Freedom, Remember the Titans). Add some cybernetic technology via a re-animation story, and this dude could pull that off easily.

martian manhunterMartian Manhunter

Since leader in the clubhouse for this premier role, Idris Elba, is going to be rather occupied with his espionage exploits as ‘007’, Denzel is easily the man who could don the mystique of J’onn J’onzz.

He’s the full package (both of them, if you consider Martian Manhunter was often used as a substitute for Superman). But there’s one final point to review: Justice League. 

While the movie did not suck, it left much to be desired. Can you imagine what an announcement of Denzel as Manhunter would do for CBM fans everywhere? Mass hysteria and the stock in both DC and WB could skyrocket. Just sayin’, in case anyone is listening.




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