Why ‘Venom’ Should be Rated R: Its Horrific Inspiration

Why ‘Venom’ Should be Rated R: Its Horrific Inspiration

Ever since reports began floating that Tom Hardy would become Eddie Brock, and eventually absorb the symbiote to become the anti-hero Venom, butts puckered and geeks were dancing in the streets everywhere with glee.

It’s no secret Spider-Man 3 really didn’t do Venom any justice in 2007. But what we have seen from Tom Hardy?! Let’s do this dang thing! And after his masterful performances as Bane and Mad Max, surely this time with Venom, it would bring the consonant all CBM fans have been clamoring for years. ‘R’

venom rAnd then Sony’s muckety mucks got around a conference table, started dreaming about money they haven’t made yet, and tried to eff it all up.

According to a Variety exclusive, Sony knows the MCU crossover is in the works, so making a PG-13 Venom makes it easier to kick it with Tom Holland on a more sweetheart version of a movie featuring both of them in the future.

Following that news, public outcry happened. People revolted, cussed out Sony, made of fun of someone’s mother, and let it be known that with the 900 comic characters Sony will still possess the rights to in its hope chest (that have nothing to do with the buyout with Disney), they need to keep it real with the comics.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the marketing department — Sony released the final trailer showing Venom talking about very kid-friendly topics, like say, creating a five-course meal out of human corpses. Wholesome, right?! Someone call Food Network.

Now, if that is PG-13, then start baking hippie lettuce in Girl Scout cookies because everything is out of whack! That leads us to another clarion clue as to why this movie should be rated R — Ruben Fletcher, the film’s director, is a horror movie nut! 

USA Today published a listicle on the ’10 movies you must absolutely see this fall.’ In the article, they got Fletcher to sit down and talk about his inspiration behind Venom — the John Landis cult classic An American Werewolf in London, as well as similar but literary giant.

“In the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing, (Venom’s) the real Hyde,” Fleischer says. “He’ll rip somebody’s head off and eat their brains. There’s this forbidden-fruit quality of this guy who will just do whatever he wants.” But there’s also a funny side to this menacing figure, including a “silly tongue always dangling out of his mouth that kind of undercuts the ferociousness of the jaws.”

After that statement of his own inspiration, as well as this movie featuring both Venom and Riot, the junior high kiddos may have to get this thing on DVD with mommy’s permission. Please?!




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