Who is the real villain in ‘Infinity War’?

Who is the real villain in ‘Infinity War’?

It’s been a few months since Avengers: Infinity War was released in cinemas and broke record after record at the box-office, as well as breaking many people’s hearts.

It’s a movie many people have discussed to great detail and picked apart plot details asking questions, such as: “Where were Ant-Man and Hawkeye?” or “What does the post-credits scene mean?”

But the most important question and one that divides fans is simply, “Who is to blame for the Avengers (and the Guardians) defeat against Thanos?”

Here are three likely characters that you could argue were to blame in Infinity War:

Star-Lord Infinity WarStar-Lord/Peter Quill

This is the obvious pick. Star Lord is a character that was at the centre of blame among fans post-Infinity War so much so that Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt responded to fans’ comments on his characters actions by explaining:

“I think he reacted in a way that’s very human, and I think the humanity of the Guardians of the Galaxy is what sets them apart from the other superheroes.”

Pratt also added that if the heroes had seized the Gauntlet, then the movie, as well as it’s highly anticipated untitled sequel, would have been over rather fast. Good point but not really relevant.

So, the million-dollar question is: “What did Star-Lord/Peter Quill actually do to be blamed so much by the fans?”

Titan.pngDuring the Attack on Titan scene (yes, I’m calling it that), all of the heroes — apart from Star-Lord and Nebula — are holding Thanos down and are on the verge of retrieving the Gauntlet until Peter Quill asks about Gamora’s whereabouts.

There Thanos is, under Mantis’ spell, not answering. Mantis’ ability is to sense and feel any emotion, so she tells Star-Lord that Thanos is in “anguish” and that he “mourns,” which alerts Nebula to reveal that the Mad Titan “took her [Gamora] to Voromir.” There, he “left with the soul stone,” and to add salt to the wound, she concludes by saying “she [Gamora] didn’t come back.”

Finally, Star-Lord turns around and punches Thanos multiple times leading to Mantis losing control of Thanos’ mental state, which all results in the heroes (which consist of Drax, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Iron-Man and Spider-Man) all losing the Gauntlet and, according to the fans, to Thanos as well.

I honestly don’t think it is Star-Lord’s fault at all.

He every right to punch Thanos. He’s in grief because the love of his life has been pushed off a cliff by a character who is right in front of him. What else could he have done?

Prior to this movie, Star-Lord dealt with a lot of grief already. In Guardians, we watch Peter see his mother die while he was young. Moving onto the second installment of Guardians, Quill lost even more. (Can someone give this guy a hug!?) Quill literally saw his father figure die in his arms followed by having to kill his biological father. No wonder he punched Thanos and risked all that the heroes had done.

I bet you any money that Tony Stark would’ve done the same if Pepper had died. What if Peter Parker found out Aunt May died and her killer was right there? How about Nebula was in Quill’s shoes (her and Gamora patched things up in the second Guardians, right)?

Thor Infinity WarThor

The son of Asgard is arguably the second most popular choice. Thor’s actions probably proved to be the most costly when it comes to the overall outcome of the movie but how much did his actions cost?

As Thanos would say, “Everything.”

Seconds before the iconic snap, Thor threw Stormbreaker (a weapon made in the heart of a dying star) but the crucial thing that he didn’t do was the fact he didn’t aim for the head. Throwing it at the Mad Titan’s chest immediately led to the snap that dusted 12 superheroes (I counted). Should he have gone for the head? Well, I think Thanos pretty much said it and answered the question himself when he says: “You should’ve gone for the head” Is that what he should have done?

Short answer: No.

I think looking at it from Thor’s point-of-view, the God of Thunder had every right to not go for the head because Thor suffered through so much due to Thanos’ actions.

The Mad Titan killed Loki (Thor’s brother) and Heimdall (Thor’s best friend) in front of him, as well as killing half of the Asgardians that were on the ship shortly after Thor vowed that he would keep them safe.

Doctor Strange Infinity WarDoctor Strange

I know what you’re thinking, “Strange is one of the last characters I would blame.”

Well, Strange did gave the Time Stone to Thanos, which inevitably led to both Vision’s death and the snap … and about half of the world’s populations entire existence.

Contradicting to his earlier comments in the movie when Doctor Strange says to Tony, “If it comes to saving you, or the kid [Spider-Man], or the Time Stone, I will not hesitate to let either of you die.”

However, much later in the movie when Tony Stark gets stabbed by Thanos and is staring at his death, Doctor Strange gives up the Time Stone to save Tony.

Strange, right? (Pun intended.)

My opinion: Out of the three characters that I have mentioned, Doctor Strange is probably one of the likeliest characters I would pin the blame on purely because of the fact he gave Thanos the Time Stone.

“But he went into the future and said there was no other way!”, “I still blame Quill, to be honest what a-“.

All valid and strong points that I made in my head. This may be a stretch but couldn’t Strange just have turned back time before Iron Man was born in 2008? Maybe he could have gone further back before the Second World War started so we wouldn’t have Captain America? That way, Infinity War would never have happened and I wouldn’t be writing this article on who is and who isn’t the real bad guy.

Now, you’re thinking: “This guy is pulling at straws here!” Am I?

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