Chris Pine Stars in Netflix ‘Braveheart’ Sequel. Kinda.

Chris Pine Stars in Netflix ‘Braveheart’ Sequel. Kinda.

Remember the time when movie goers valued “period pieces‘? Those movies that take a viewer back centuries in time, a time of another era where hand-to-hand combat mattered instead of all that pew-pew-pew we enjoy these days.

Not that those are bad or anything. They have made characters we read in paper come alive on screen. That, and a @#$*ton of money.

But acclaimed epic films like Lawrence of Arabia, Ben Hur, Gladiator, and Braveheart. These kind of movies make good actors, great. These kind of movies create fleeting memories, eternal. Yet, these films — these historic glimpses in time (the great ones) — are all but gone.

Until now, when Netflix thought it would be a great idea to connect those award-winning creations for the silver screen to the newer, more agile developments of the small one.

Enter into the fray, Outlaw King starring Captain Kirk… eh, Steve Trevor… I mean, Chris Pine.

Did you catch his name? Robert the Bruce.

If that name sounds familiar, it should because that’s the nobleman who betrayed Mel Gibson’s character (and real-life savior of 13th century Scotland), William Wallace in Braveheart. 

This cinematic masterpiece-in-the-making followed the life of a Scottish man whose destiny was shaped by his love for his country (and a certain female, at least that was the movie part). There was a man who followed him, named Robert. He was haunted by his legacy, a line of 16 noble men before him; yet, a country of believers wanted to follow Wallace and not him.

Long story short, Bruce swallowed his pride following a pretty display of betrayal, led his country into a war of independence in the Battle at Bannockburn more than a decade later. That’s the catch. It didn’t happen right after Wallace was quartered. It took a while to get to that point.

This film with Chris Pine seems to be what happens leading up to that war and beyond. His bravery, his valor, his prestige is all in film… but, on Netflix?! 


“I am so happy to have the opportunity to dig deep into the story of Robert the Bruce and to discover some of the truths that often get obscured by legend. This is my sixth feature film shot in Scotland and autumn is my favourite time of year to shoot so I am excited to bring this film to light in the beautiful Scottish elements – come rain, shine, storm or snow. I am proud that our little Glasgow based production company, Sigma films, has been able to make this film and thank Netflix for letting us do it.” commented director David Mackenzie (in a Netflix press release).

What’s different about this Netflix movie is that it’s hitting a few theaters as well. This is a big deal for little Netflix and Chris Pine is about to become that A-type talent in Hollywood, if he pulls this off. (And by the looks of that trailer, he will.)

You see, although Netflix hasn’t said it, chronologically, this is a Braveheart sequel.

In the movie, Robert the Bruce lead Scottish soldiers to their freedom in 1298. He took the monarchy of his beloved country in 1304 and remained king until 1329. Of course, things didn’t go as planned because England didn’t leave the guy alone, made him an “outlaw” and the Scots fought for their freedom. Again.

Truth be told, if Pine makes us believe him in this role, he could do more than earn respect in movie town. He could earn an Emmy or Academy award. This could be that good.

Oh, not for nothing, the moniker ‘Braveheart’ wasn’t actually given to Wallace — it was Robert the Bruce. Following his death in 1329, Bobby’s heart was literally carried into battle empowering the men he left behind. They won because of his bravery.

Some years later, Mel Gibson read about it and we’ve come full circle to an outlaw king. Mark your calendars for November 8. History is about to be made. You know, again.

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