Not Even Luke Cage Can Deflect Bad PR. Just Ask Ariana Grande.

Not Even Luke Cage Can Deflect Bad PR. Just Ask Ariana Grande.

Luke Cage is a Harlem myth, man, and legend. He’s even bulletproof from most things. Not even a PR Fail can be blocked from a Kevlar-type chest and gigantor strength.

The man behind the myth however, Mike Colter, may have tweeted a little errantly during Aretha Franklin‘s funeral. And now, he’s wishing he was back on the set appreciating all that deflecting power and stuff.

Her ceremony was chock-full-o’-everything. From a solid gold coffin to a cavalcade of pink Cadillacs, this funeral had it all. And it should have: She’s the Queen of Soul.

Of course, some people will try to make someone else’s event their moment. Welcome Ariana Grande. She’s wailing or singing or whatever and from the comforts of his home, Colter saw something that looked a little inappropriate from the preacher of the house, Bishop Charles Ellis. (Detroit’s Greater Grace, where the ceremony was held, is his church.)

Problem that has now ensured against Colter is that he didn’t even start this ballyhoo. It came from ‘Daily Show’ host, Trevor Noah:

While Noah is waxing comedic, he did have a point. To the open mind, that friendly hug appeared a little handsy.  The tweet goes crazy and Colter happened upon it in-between arguments with Bushmaster and his pearly toothed brother, Diamondback.

Bishop Ellis apologized. Well, kinda. 

“It would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast. … I don’t know I guess I put my arm around her,” Ellis said. “Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar but again, I apologize.”

In case you missed that expert, hand-crafted pun, Ariana’s last name is Grande. You know, just like a meal from Taco Bell. Get it? It was a nine-hour ceremony, so make sure the crowd is still into it. Fatigue setting in and all. Funny, right?! Yeah, not so much.

And that is when Mike Colter took to Twitter with his opinion and slightly insensitive tweet about Bishop Ellis. The tweet, now since deleted, is right there in its glory up in the banner.

“Zero FCKS!” 

After Aretha mourners went left on the bulletproof man, he offered this statement:

“Hello all. I apologize about my tweet earlier. In no way do I condone any such behavior. It was intended to point out the absurdity of the act itself. Complete and biting sarcasm,” Colter explained. “I realized quickly that it was not taken as such. I was at an event all day. Sorry for the delay.”

Did people get too sensitive about it? Probably. Should he have done it? Probably not. It’s okay, Mike. You and nerds can still be breast friends forever.


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