A-LIST | The Next 10 Characters Who Need a CBM

A-LIST | The Next 10 Characters Who Need a CBM

Before we get it poppin’, let’s discuss the newest series in the Matrix.

Here, we pride ourselves at bringing you salient opinions, comprehensive reviews, and a few editorials that will make you spit out your popcorn and yell at your device because movies are supposed to make you feel one way or another.

That’s why we have A-LIST.

Yes, when you think of the A-List people in Hollywood, you envision certain types that need no introduction, have starred in some of your favorite movies, and usually make more tabloid headlines than a Kardashian with a weekend pass. While that’s true, this new series is named for another reason as well…

This is (wait for it) a … list. (Thank you. We’re here all week. On with the show.)

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For years, we have witnessed all the supporting characters who have graced the big screen only to be wasted away with no plan, killed within 10 minutes, or just forgotten they were there in the first place. Knowing what we know about these ancillary adventurers, they deserve more screen time. They need an origin. They demand a movie.

Here are the top 10 next characters who should be in a CBM of their own:

Namor10. Namor

When Aquaman comes out and crushes, it won’t take long before CBM fans begin clamoring for Namor the Sub-Mariner. 

Sure, it would be nice but Marvel Studios is way too keen about this movie thing to know if they even announce something about their Prince of Atlantis, James Wan’s vision will have been blinded for years. No copy cats in the multiverse, people.

The rumor for his film has been around long before Aquaman helped unite the seven, but that whole Universal vs. Marvel thing kept Namor in the cold. He’ll be back. Maybe with his Fantastic pals, now that they are back home too.

static shock9. Static Shock

In the early 90s, this too-cool-for-school TV and Gameboy hero showed young black kids in the community that heroes existed out there that looked like, thought like, and behaved like them.

Static Shock opened up the eyes and minds of a younger generation. And, before you could feel a zap of electricity, he was gone. That was a shame for the fans, but there may be a chance to bring this back to life…

Say, maybe, with a certain principal of a high school in Freeland. Imagine the energy those two could make together in the CW-verse?


8. Nova

Yes, it’s Marvel’s answer to the Green Lantern Corps. And since that is (finally) becoming a reality, maybe we should remember the Nova Corps has already been seen into the MCU.

Remember Guardians 1? The Nova Corps was all over the screen. They were referenced again in Infinity War when we were told the Black Order and Mad Titan “decimated” Xandor.

You would think when a planet and arsenal is destroyed, it’s time for rebuilding and recruiting. Never mind the whole kerfuffle with James Gunn and Nova’s potential appearance with Guardians 3. There could be another way.

You see, there’s this cosmic chick named Carol

plastic man7. Plastic Man

We are in an era where super heroes can have mirth, spunk, rancor, and a few colorful terms of speech that would make your mama blush. Blade was imbrued and blood-stained. Logan was dark. Deadpool was… well, Deadpool.

Although it wasn’t really brought to life in ‘The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show’ in the 80s, this is a former criminal. Dude was more acquainted with petty theft than his friends.

And then, he takes a bath in some chemical mixture that got in his body via a bullet wound. From there, this malleable physiology happens and he can form anything with his body and has telepathy. But he still has that attitude.

Time for another sarcastic superhero. Now if he could only buy some pants.

bucky6. Bucky Barnes

International financial and cinematographic success of Infinity Way aside, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is arguably the best overall film made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date.

And most of that is because of who Bucky Barnes is, not only to Steve Rogers, but because of his fascinating origin. From being scarred with post-traumatic stress disorder to not recognizing his bestie and trying to kill him a few dozen ways, the Winter Soldier became a man of mystery. His connection to the MCU was worthy of not just one, but two movies.

That kind of influence and that little amount of screen time. C’mon! This isn’t much ado about nothing. Namely if Chris Evans is hanging up his shield in Avengers 4. Just sayin’.

zatanna5. Zatanna

While her get-up isn’t as fetching as Doctor Strange (or supremely more fetching depending what’s your thing in the cosplay arena), her powers are about as powerful. In case you missed Suicide Squad, and with a worldwide profit of $746M not many of you did, magic has made its way into the DCEU… eh, Worlds of DC (Sorry, that’s going to take some getting used to).

There’s a colossal fork-in-the-road in front of that knocking opportunity. One side takes us to the remote possibility of Justice League Dark, which the great Guillermo del Toro was attached to once upon a time. The other is Miss Zatara, whose gifts make her the literal real deal in Vegas where she masquerades on the Strip. And the fact that she’s hooked up with Bruce Wayne (despite that whole memory erasing thing) is intriguing.

DC is ready for sorcery. Nerds and cosplay acolytes alike are too. With Matt Reeves’ project on the horizon, maybe the cape and cowl can make a little room for some on-screen magic too?

Channing-Tatum-as-Gambit-fan-art4. Gambit

We were this close. We wanted him the most. We got him the least. And many fans of the X-Men saga are still a little perturbed about the whole thing. I mean, his name was visible in X2, but we had to wait until the fart-and-fall-down moment of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

That’s not him pictured. This version of Gambit is supposed to be Channing Tatum (because he needs another movie). The ragin’ Cajun is supposed to be released in a troika of Marvel origin movies next year, along with Dark Phoenix and New Mutants

Here’s the catch: both of the aforementioned movies have been reported in production, cuts, and retakes. Gambit? You got a better chance of getting a Royal Flush than hearing anything about this movie.

lobo3. Lobo

If ever DC Comics and Warner Bros. wanted to bring the pain and create an R-rated movie worthy of tight promotion and jaw-opening graphics, here’s your huckleberry. I mean, when he was born, he chewed off four of the delivery nurse’s fingers. Sweet kid, right?

Imagine what Wolverine could do with 50x his strength caliber, never gets winded, and can’t die. Ever. Oh yeah, and he isn’t too fond of people and who doesn’t find that redeeming in a (really) bad guy of the universe?

Fortunately for us, Lobo may be here sooner than we think. One of his ultimate foes is Big Barda of ‘New Gods’ fame. She hates his janky Czarnian behind. And who loves Big Barda? None other than Ava Duvernay... director of New Gods, coming to a theater near us soon. (Bring on the beast!)

moon knight2. Moon Knight

Few people in the multiverse will get more votes (than our No. 1) for their own TV show or movie than Marc Spector (most notably known as Moon Knight).

This Marvel version of Batman is more like Daredevil (with eyesight) whose powers increase with lunar phases and how they affect the earth. He’s nocturnal, badass, and can do anything to bring in the bad guys.

Before your hope gets deflated, consider these two things: One of his archenemies is Bullseye. That goes the same for Daredevil. So?

The brilliant Steven S. DeKnight, executive producer and sage scriptmaster of Daredevil on Netflix, has said he is down for a Moon Knight sighting – be it movie, show, or appearance. Again, so?

Bullseye is going to be the second villain in Daredevil 3, along with the nefarious and vile Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk. And DeKnight still has clout. So, there’s that.

Martian-Manhunter-Comic-Vine1. Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz, the man and the myth better known as Martian Manhunter, is the most wanted, demanded, and wished-for comic book movie hopeful by a long shot.

Maybe because he should have been in Justice League, and wasn’t. Perhaps it’s because fancasting this dude is always the making of an Academy award. Whatever the reason, we need this guy on a screen, like now!

DC Films producer Charles Roven once became a fan favorite when he all but said the same thing to CBR.com:

“I think that Cyborg deserves his own movie too, and I know that the fans are out there screaming for Green Lantern, that’s for sure. But I was always a fan of J’onn J’onzz, Manhunter from Mars.”

Green Lantern Corps? Check. Call it a make-good. Cyborg? Ray Fisher deserves his own flick considering how much of him WB dumped on the editing floor. But a Martian Manhunter film, or even a guest-starring role in what would be Justice League 2?!

Yes, please!

That’s the first ‘A-List’. If you want to see A List made for anything in movies, holler at us in the comments below.

(Images used courtesy of DC Comics and Marvel)



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