‘Batwoman’ Ruby Rose Proves Nerd Twitter is as Thorny as Ever

‘Batwoman’ Ruby Rose Proves Nerd Twitter is as Thorny as Ever

It has been thought what Netflix has done for Marvel creations, the CW is working to do with DC’s. What began with a slightly gritty Arrow has become a thoughtful portrayal of America from a civil advocate’s vantage point.

And now, they have a Batwoman. CW stuck to the script — they hired a gay woman to portray a gay woman. Yahtzee, right? 

Nerd Twitter showed everyone that hate lurks even among the shadows of people who  have been hated by others, and that is not a good look at all. Why? It looks like hypocrisy.

The CW is bringing Batwoman into its fray and she will be embodied by ‘Orange is the New Black’s’ and ‘The Meg’s’ Ruby Rose. The 32-year=old Australian actress will first appear in the annual free-for-all crossover event.

So, what’s not to like?

And that is from a woman who says Kate Kane being so bold as a heroine and a gay woman helped her come out of the closet. But Ruby Rose gets a Heisman?!

Why not pay attention to the passion Ruby has for playing Kate Kane? That should count for something. This is what she had to say on ‘The Tonight Show’:

That is genuine glee! The girl is thrilled about portraying a superhero she truly relates to being. Ruby Rose will add a personal appeal to this character that (insert your fave female in DC or Marvel) could never add to the role.


DC doesn’t have the only Two Face in the world

Now, admittedly, not every nerd, geek. or dork was bullied. However, everyone who likes a little cosplay, board game, CBM, or comic collection can understand the feeling of being pushed away. Even if it’s just a little. The slightest twinge of rejection can hurt.

It happens in every community. There are people who believe its leaders aren’t (BLANK) enough. From the way they talk to the way they walk. Their look or their style. Everything is under the microscope, scrutinized by every prejudicial eye possible. You would think nerds would be a little different, given their own proclivities to be judged, but there they are, showcasing how hypocritical and contemptible they can be.

Ruby Rose was in the middle of an imperfect storm. The nerds thought she wasn’t experienced enough to pull off the complexity of Batwoman. Meanwhile, the LGBT community actually said isn’t “gay enough” to play Kate Kane. Poor girl couldn’t win.

You saw how happy she was and then people in both districts that should have applauded her, ended up eviscerating her. And why? Because they are cowards hiding behind anonymous avatars and Twitter trolling. 

And so, this may sum up what’s really going on…

All that, and so much more, was the cause for Ruby Rose deleting her Twitter account and placing the filter on Instagram that she only sees comments from people she knows (in other words, no “fans” allowed).

In summary, nerds? You suck. No, not you who digest good blogs about things in the nerdverse like say… this one. I mean those of you who hide behind your Twitter account, get a little courage and berate someone for doing what they love only because you didn’t love it.

Social media allows us instant access to those people we appreciate and maybe not so much. It does not give you the authority to be a bully. Believe me, you deserve to be reported (and more).

And when Ruby Rose crushes it as Batwoman, fingers will be pointed at both the geeks and people in the LGBT community to show I told ya so. (That notwithstanding, we won’t share which finger will be pointed. We’ll save that for later.)


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