If Superman is Gone, Will DC Just Fly Away?

If Superman is Gone, Will DC Just Fly Away?

It all began with Richard Donner wanting to bring a vision to reality — that a man could really fly. He brought us Superman.

Before, he was only on television. And in black-and-white. It was campy. It was  completely for fantasy. And it starred a man wearing long johns. Like dyed blue thermals minus the crotch pouch. But, man, those were good times in the 1950s!

We went from George Reeves to a relatively unknown guy named Christopher Reeve. Dean Cain was on TV much later. So was Tom Welling. Brandon Routh “returned.”

And then Zack Snyder found a guy who personified the tragic nature of any son of Krypton would have coming to Earth and realizing he wasn’t who he thought he was. Henry Cavill was the foundation of the DC Extended Universe we discovered in Man of Steel. 

If you consider origin stories, this was one of the very best in terms of characterization, plot development, and storyline. (Not to mention, the Hans Zimmer score gave most nerds chills.)

And if that score didn’t do the trick, the teaser trailer definitely did.

From the moment Henry Cavill stormed onto the scene, comic book aficionados knew that was the Superman for which we have been waiting for years. Plus, we have Zack Snyder directing and Christopher Nolan producing.

It was destined for a reclamation what we thought Superman should have been. It surpassed expectations and began a story that would eventually unveil the DCEU. Only … that’s not what happened.

Warner Bros. forgot this is the storytelling business.

Marvel had phases. They created a master plan. Some origin stories and then an ensemble, which would all lead up to a grandiose gathering that would astonish us all — Avengers: Infinity War. 

The dolts at DC knew this was the plan, stopped to gaze at their own whiteboard and noticed there was nothing on it but a few phone numbers, stick figures shooting ‘pew pew pew,’ and some scattered fast-food menus. There was no strategy to introduce us all to the living figures we have only witnessed in non-living color. There were no phases. There was only a bag of cash that WB executives knew they weren’t going to get (because, quite honestly, we buy anything with a logo).

So, DC and WB executives did what most prepubescent kids do when they don’t get what they want — they screwed with the process, got impatient, and rushed something what could have been amazing.

Justice_League_Poster_2Man of Steel led to a quarrel between a son of Krypton and the bat of Gotham, and Wonder Woman was crammed in there. She was awe-striking at a glimpse. Then, she got an origin deserving of a goddess.

DC and WB was onto something, and then… they went and forgot they were in the story telling business to make money. Not in the money making business to tell stories.

There was an allusion to a certain league, but certainly they wouldn’t rush it? We need to learn about Cyborg, meet Martian Manhunter, learn more about Aquaman and the Flash, and possibly change what we already think about Green Lantern.

Whatevs. Cram it. They have bills to pay and who really cares about the fans. So, here comes Justice League with CGI so remedial that the makers of The Lawnmower Man were probably laughing hysterically.

It was abysmal. The world waited for a four-course meal of DCEU superhero activity and all we got were the Mac N’ Cheese leftovers of what could have been served.

Up, Up, and Away

Krypton officially blew up right in our face this week when THR dropped a bomb that rocked the now defunct DCEU and the potentially evolving Worlds of DC. Reports say that talks between Warner Bros. executives and Cavill’s representatives feel apart regarding Superman showing up on Shazam! 

That’s not happening any longer “…and the door is now closing on other potential Superman appearances.”

This left the collective nerd thought bubble about a possible Man of Steel 2 and a renewed amalgamation of the Justice League bursting at the seams. Of course, WB finally understands the issues abounding may cause a few dents in their Wonder Woman velcro wallet, so they released the obligatory statement:

“While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged.” a Warner Bros representative said in a statement to CNN.

TRANSLATION: “Yes, we like Henry. He’s great, but uh, we got caught with our pants down, so give us a minute, would ya’?”

cavill upset
Yeah, Henry. We feel you!

To wit, this slightly more direct statement from Cavill’s representative via Twitter:

So, now what?! The word is the dolts running the gaggle of DC misfit toys want to roll out a full line of “female-centric films” including Supergirl. Oh? You mean the one that couldn’t make it one general broadcast television and was saved by the CWverse?

That Supergirl?! Good idea because oodles of nerds have been asking for that movie instead of a Cavill-led sequel to Zack Snyder’s beloved origin movie.

Warner Bros. Has Become DC’s Kryptonite

Remember when Marvel hired these two guys named Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans to be their twin towers of the Avengers — Iron Man and Captain America, respectively?

Those two were allowed creative license. They signed multi-year contracts. They were vested and ready for the long haul to battle the Mad Titan. Likewise, DC was going to the same thing.

BvSThey hired a questionable dude for Batman, which proved many haters wrong. They hired Cavill, which many geeks weren’t familiar with and he turned out to be the perfect choice. Those were the foundational elements for DC but WB couldn’t help but screw the fans (and themselves).

Affleck is all but gone screwing the pooch on (yet, another but still anticipated) a Batman origin flick from Matt Reeves. Cavill is being shelved for a failed parlor trick by NBC. Both have been with DC and WB since the beginning. No loyalty. No legacy. Just left out.

And for what?! Wonder Woman has a sequel that will be great. Aquaman is coming ashore in a couple of months and will drown the competition at the box office.

There are talks, rumors, and whistlings of other projects, like Birds of Prey and the Harley Quinn origin, Geoff Johns stepping down from WB to focus on Green Lantern Corps, Ava Duvernay bringing some thunder with New Gods. The Flashpoint movie may happen. WB went ghost on a Cyborg make. Other members of the Justice League like Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, and those Wonder Twins are ghosts.

Oh, and we have two Joker movies, because one is never enough. But we can’t keep minor role players like Batman and Superman. Sounds like sage movie empire building strategy.

Most DC fans feel a loss because WB can’t stick to a program and could care less what the fans think. Good thing Cavill has super hearing because our moans and groans did not fall on deaf ears.

Yeah, WB still hasn’t commented on that one. Why would they? That would mean they acknowledge and engage with the fans. If you have been paying attention, they only choose to hear cash registers.

Problem with that — even those will stop making sounds if WB keeps this crap up. The Worlds of DC are headed for a big black hole of apathy and disinterest. And that is something that even the mighty Son of Krypton is not powerful enough to drag back into view.

MEMO to WB: Pay attention before you really pay for your mistakes and lunacy. Oh, maybe get Walter Hamada on Twitter.


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