Is the Captain Marvel Promotional Campaign Headlines or Hubris?

Is the Captain Marvel Promotional Campaign Headlines or Hubris?

In case you have been living in an apocalypse bunker (and, if you are some of our fans, you may have one for novelty), there has been a slight ballyhoo going on about the 2019 Marvel offering, Captain Marvel. 

Ever since Carol Danvers came crashing down to earth through a Blockbuster Video storefront, social media has been ablaze regarding the news.

(Dear Millennials, A Blockbuster Video store is something that people you may refer to as “old farts” would visit to rent a DVD or video game. It was an analog concept that has been vacated thanks to this Internet thingamajig. Thank you.)

Captain Marvel deserves all the praise it is getting. The storyline is great. She is going to help take down the Mad Titan because girl has serious skills. We finally get the Skrulls. And the trailer was so dope!

All that said, there is one headline she does not deserve at all. And it’s something Disney fully understands and is trying to steal from DC Comics and Warner Bros.

She did not break the glass ceiling for superheroines.

We have already discussed this at length, but to summarize: What took Marvel 20 good to fantastic films to do, DC and WB did in three — place a woman in the lead of a comic book movie. 

The fact that it took Marvel Studios this long isn’t a slap against their phased strategy for the MCU rollout. What they did and how they did it should be the gold standard for any multi-character nerd franchise going to film.

Notwithstanding, Warner Bros. and DC Comics hasn’t really done a circus car trunk full of anything to endear themselves to their public. They rushed their extended universe at a blurring rate. They can’t seem to keep a beloved character actor consistent. They never answer fan’s concerns. And then there was that colossal fart-and-fall-down moment known as Justice League. 

They did; however, have faith in their admirable comic characters and believed that a woman could not only be featured in a CBM, but also direct one. And so it goes with Wonder Woman. 

If we all know this and have lauded the doltish duo (DC and WB) for their bravery and focus on diversity, why is ABC News running this?

In case you were so starstruck at Brie Larson’s face, you may have missed the whole “first-ever solo female superhero” thing. Pretty much a floundering oversight. And it’s not like this some nerd blog with a slant toward the MCU.

This is ABC News! They have researchers, writers, editors, and social media managers that are well compensated for their efforts, and yet, Marvel was “first ever”?!

Then, after you give that errant headline some thought, you remember ABC News is owned by the Mouse. Back to our headline: Either that moniker was fake news or simply carelessness.

wonder_womanNot that ABC News didn’t care to research, rather, they didn’t care about Warner Bros.’ efforts to give Patty Jenkins the reigns to what really was the first-ever solo female superhero.

When you are the big 800-pound gorilla in the room, you are not that concerned about the little monkeys that came into the room uninvited. DC Comics and Warner Bros. isn’t even a threat to Marvel and Disney, so who cares what they did?

“We got this. We own this. Screw them.”

And so, we get a misleading headline that no one really cares to correct. What’s more alarming? That a production house which owns a global news organization pays no regard to the achievements of its closest competitor, or that DC Comics and Warner Bros. haven’t fought for a retraction?

See, that’s what you do when something is put out there into the ether that is incorrect. WB lawyers know this but evidently hasn’t rose a big stink about it. They could, but they don’t. Also, they have quite a few followers in social media, so addressing this issue and defend the one good point of reference they possess could gain traction. Again, they could but they won’t.

Headlines or hubris? It’s a little of both but when you are a terrible bully with no regard of the welfare of others, you believe a fight is never coming and keep on swinging as if the victim is not even there.

Way to punch the other comic book movie wimp in the nose, Mickey Mouse. Way to go.


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2 thoughts on “Is the Captain Marvel Promotional Campaign Headlines or Hubris?

    1. That’s a great call back (and a rather unfortunate future if that Red Sonja reboot is really happening) but typically life in the Marvel and DC cinematic universes began with Tim Burton’s Batman and Sam Raimi’s Spiderman. Not even the Richard Donner Superman counts. Life, as we know it, started over. But still a great call back.

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