‘Child’s Play’ Creator Isn’t a Fan of the Reboot

‘Child’s Play’ Creator Isn’t a Fan of the Reboot

It’s been said that Hollywood needs to go to sleep for a very long time because they have completely run out of original ideas, and when there is a novel screenplay, it’s so boring that it would put the average toddler into a bedside coma.

But hey, the AMPAS committee likes that stuff so…

Back to the recycling bin, executives from MGM sifted through the heap of already-done and heavy-overplayed movies from the 80s. They found Child’s Play. And since no one saw Annabelle or The Boy at MGM, they figured there needed to be a killer doll on the loose because marketing, I guess.

Never mind that the franchise nor creator Don Mancini aren’t really done making movies, what with that meh to marginal classic Cult of Chucky in 2017. That notwithstanding, there is a new CGI-enhanced Chucky coming and he looks… well, pretty underwhelming.

Mancini had a pretty direct shots fired approach to his feelings about Chucky’s new look.

Yeah, that’s gonna sting a little. So, MGM? Good luck with all that.


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