Deadmau5 to Score Netflix Film ‘Polar’

Deadmau5 to Score Netflix Film ‘Polar’

In case you haven’t noticed by now, most movie and #FilmTwitter blogs and forums have its pets. Be they superheroes or slasher films, when the owners of those particular posts come up, you can tel the authors put a little something extra in the content.

While we haven’t found the perfect time to reveal our furtive fetish, we can announce it now — scores!

Your friendly film mavens of the Matrix have had lengthy DMs about what composer writes the best scores, the visceral emotion scores create, scores to work out to when you can’t get a Spotify list to work in the gym… you name it, we’ve had the score conversation.

Now combine genre creators and scores, you have our interest piqued like a duckface contest in Snapchat among 12-year-olds. Imagine the dance around the fire pit we did when news broke that Deadmau5 is committing to his first score. And it’s on Netflix! 

The Mau5 — née Joel Zimmerman — has been pretty tight-lipped and cryptic about the project. In August, he tweeted this:

And then, a month later, the EDM deity tweeted this update:

The film follows a retired assassin, Duncan Vizla, who must take on killers sent by his former employer because he is labeled as a liability to his former organization (and will probably be killed as a result).

Polar stars a familiar face to action fans, the very underrated Mads Mikkelsen of Casino Royale, Hannibal (TV), and of course, Doctor Strange fame.

Swedish director (and death metal drummer) Jonas Åkerlund (Lords of Chaos) is tackling the graphic novel Polar: Came From the Cold by Victor Santos for an early 2019 release.

Get your earbuds ready. This should not disappoint!


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