#ICYMI | ‘Iron Fist 2’ Easter Eggs and Xrefs

#ICYMI | ‘Iron Fist 2’ Easter Eggs and Xrefs

SPOILER WARNING: Typically, two weeks are the rule of thumb for the more socially aware blogs out there. Not everyone can binge or buy a ticket on opening weekends, but give it a couple of weeks. That said, if you haven’t been able to binge on Iron Fist: Season 2 yet, you may want to turn around and read one of our other fine posts. You have been warned.

Before we follow Peter Cottontail down the bunny trail searching high and low for Easter eggs that you may have missed, it’s important to note that Marvel — TV or film — is getting really good at the surreptitious placements of these coveted eggs.

Yes, when you find one in the opening scene of the next big thing, there is a little part of you that clutches your soft drink tighter because you found it. You’re a sleuth. You got your junior G.I. badge. Move over, Sherlock Holmes, you got this!

If that’s not you, but a stage in life where you want to climb, here’s an idea: Plan on seeing things twice. Watch the first time for enjoyment. Watch the second time for the search. By the next go-round, you are familiar with the material and aren’t afraid you will miss important lines or action scenes. Going back for seconds is good for retracing your steps and stumbling over any eggs that you may have avoided.

Here’s our second pass. Let’s go hopping…


The time when Iron Fist gets “Fantastic”

fist fantastic

There’s no telling what this means but with Disney finally acquiring Fox / Marvel properties, it could mean something. In Episode Six “The Dragon Dies at Dawn,” Danny and Davos are fighting in a building. Well, Davos was. Danny was kinda’ taking a beatdown. The address of that building was 42 Baxter, which happens to be the address of the Fantastic Four’s home base. Is there a Fant4stic Netflix series coming? Who knows, but something is brewing and it’s tickling my Chi like crazy.


Going Back to Sokovia

america fist

There were rumors that we would meet the dissociative diva known as ‘Typhoid Mary.’ but if only we knew Alice Eve would be so freakishly good as “Mary” and “Walker”, the hype train would have chugging along for this season long ago. As the story unfolds, we learn both Mary and Walker get involved with both Danny Rand and Davos.

Somewhere along this intersection, Ward gets involved and digs up dirt on her background — a special forces incident involving her torture in… Sokovia. If that sounds familar, two points for you because there was a major dust-up in Avengers: Age of Ultron known simply as “The Battle of Sokovia.” One of the strongest connections made between Netflix and MCU.


Was that a nod to D.C. Comics?

knight wing

So, no. But it was awesome for a quick second thinking Marvel would sport the Wonder Twins to do that. Colleen and Misty are reminiscing their exploits and the fact that Danny gave her the gift that definitely keeps on giving, which was followed up by a thought of the two going into business: “Yeah, Knight… Wing.” Wait, what?! Dick Grayson is coming to a dojo near you? No, this alluded to what could be a sweet “Daughters of the Dragon” spin-off perhaps? Hey Netflix, bring on Knightwing Restorations Ltd.


The Golden Tiger Still Roaring After All These Years

golden tigers

For the finicky uber nerd, it’s always satisfying when a creator of a CBM or TV series gives a disc jockey’s homage to deep tracks. Danny, Colleen, and the occasional Misty fight some of New York’s most pesky gangs including Triad, the Hatchets, and the Golden Tiger — all sweeping up the dirt the Hand left in Defenders. 

While the Triad is the focus and the Hatchets are new to canon, the Golden Tiger is wink and nod to two — only two — 1976 issues of the ‘Iron Fist’ comic. Look at those threads. Thigh-cut robes and neon Tiger masks, all surrounding a leader named — glowing hand over my heart — Chaka Khan. Deep cuts, indeed.


6-1-6 On An Undercover Cop?

earth 616

It was in Episode 5 and it was subtle, which is largely why we found it endearing. There is what could be the potential private eye agency (previously discussed) sitting in a car when Misty Knight gets a call from police dispatch. “616.” As you can read from the screen grab, a “616” is an alert for a possible suspect with [superhero or villain] abilities.

You make a brother bulletproof and freakishly strong and he gets his own police code. Actually, while Luke Cage deserves the love, the homage is something far greater. This is an obscure but wicked smart reference to Marvel’s origin, Earth-616. This is otherwise known as the Prime Universe, currently being protected by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Basically, it’s home (in its 7th incarnation).


Pirate Queen? Was This An Episode of ‘The Goonies’?

the pirate queen

There is a moment of massive significance where we learn who Colleen really is. In fact, Danny learns at the same time we do. Essentially, she and the whole Iron Fist ballyhoo are intrinsically connected in certain maternally ancestral ways. This begins with a particular lullaby story from mother to daughter of the mysterious and presumably fictitious “Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay.”

You see, Danny remembers that story too. No, Colleen and Danny aren’t kissing cousins. He’s heard that tale too, way back in the mountains of K’un-L’un. This Queen is Wu Ao-Shi, the first female Iron Fist. This was brilliantly taken from the original canon in Immortal Iron Fist #7: Wu Ao-Shi. And Colleen is a descendant of her; hence, she has the Hi-Pro Glow now (look it up…from 1985).


Shambhala Will Make Ya’ Holla

erskine bowl

Again, if you haven’t binged Season 2 yet, we are about to spoil the entire thing…

When Davos decides to “take back” the Iron Fist, he needed an ancient bowl to serve as the cauldron for the mysterious Crane Sisters (stretched canonical chicks who were made out as acolytes of Davos’ bewitching ways) to make him into the Steel Serpent. The bowl they had to have for the special necromancy ink is from the Erskine Collection from the lost city of Shambhala.

Ernst Erskine’s name in the early part of Season 2 ties everything together. Erskine was an Iron Fist time explorer — think Indiana Jones without the fear of snakes and use of a whip. He established a relationship with another Iron Fist named Orson Randall as his biographer. Yeah, the same dude Danny and Ward are looking for at the end of the show before he goes all Chi-version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. 

And not for nothing, but in the time of World War I, Randall raised a guy named Wendell Rand as his own following Wendell saving Orson from being poisoned. Long story.



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