The ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer is Here and It’s Dark Alright

The ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer is Here and It’s Dark Alright

“You think you can fix me?” 

That’s the opening line from a young Jean Grey to budding cerebral giant Professor Charles Xavier. It’s clear from the opening scene of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer that this will be a magic carpet ride of flashbacks and foreshadowing as we enjoy this sequel of X Men: Apocalypse. 

It’s the early 90s and the X-Men are no longer social outcasts. They are heroic. They are respected. And they are still deftly misunderstood, even by some accounts, by their own.

As we hearken to the haunting lyrics in The Doors’ classic “The End,” we watch Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) in many states of life — alarmingly innocent learning her cosmic power, a novice teenager dabbling into a deep reservoir of rage, and a young adult torn between two mentors and two distinctly different walks of life.

This is probably the last hurrah of 20th Century Fox going rogue without Disney’s oversight. And they went for it introducing an origin story at the center of a tug-of-war between Professor X’s goodwill and Magneto’s bent angst. At least, on that angle, this looks promising.

See for yourself…

“Jean. You’re not broken.”

This is Charles’ tear-jerking line as he tries to empathize with the little girl so bewildered by her ominous and treacherous mutant powers. But fix her?! We barely know her. And apparently, neither does anyone else.

Yet, there’s Charles jacking with someone else’s mind. We are led to believe he may have telepathically suppressed Jean’s memory of killing her own parents, but what if it’s something else?

Are we talking a multiple identity that Charles put there? Is there an altar that makes Jean Grey a “Dark Phoenix”? Who knows. I mean, “They’re right to fear me” is a little dubious. No doubt, Jean is killing someone — kinda like she did with the same “I can’t control this thing” attitude in X3: The Last Stand.

And then, there’s the one main source of angst most fans feel after watching this trailer: “Where in the orangey hell is the Phoenix Force we were promised?!” Is her rage the open door for this cosmic oppression Jean fights? Or did Charles open another door for that uninvited guest? (And maybe that’s the job of Jessica Chastain’s character?!)

There’s a lot of blaming of others in these two-in-a-half minutes. There are many questions of which we will have to wait for answers. Questions like we asked previously, and maybe others like “Did they run out of budget with the effects” or “Just how influenced were they by The Last Stand anyway?”

I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Dark Phoenix is hits theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14 2019.

So sweet. Hopefully, Cupid’s arrow won’t stick us all in the back like the last few times we gave the X-Men franchise another chance.


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