Tom Hanks’ First Look as Mr. Rogers May Have Just Secured 2019 Oscar

Tom Hanks’ First Look as Mr. Rogers May Have Just Secured 2019 Oscar

Say what you want, but yeah… it’s that good!

The man is an absolute legend in American television. He single-handedly saved public access TV. His sweater — a sweater — is hanging in the Smithsonian. His questions are pop culture references. And he did it for 32 years.

(Mister) Fred Rogers is an institution and Hollywood is finally giving the man the Red Carpet treatment he deserves. When news broke that Tom Hanks was going to be cast as Mister Rogers in the October 2019 film You Are My Friend, people from Baby Boomers to Generation Yers went bananas.

At the week of this post, we found out why because of this (and people younger than a Y discovered what all the fanfare was for in the first place).

Hanks as Rogers

Just look at that. A human time capsule!

Fred Rogers died in 2003. He visited us all in 2018. That is amazing and there could not have been a better person to play this historic man. The signature red cardigan, tan khakis, and those dollar-store shoes are emblematic of what dozens of millions grew up watching, listening, and learning.

This is going to be back-to-back Oscar-caliber presentations on Mister Rogers. This year, he was the subject of the acclaimed documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, which was released in June and directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville. If you want to learn who Hanks will no doubt transform into in 2019, see this doc. 

In a morose world of criminal misfits, sexual predators, idiots-in-charge, and more people medicated to fight depression than using joy to combat it, we need smiles. We need a moment in time that we can capture in a bottle to feel relief and contentment. Mister Rogers did that for millions of people every day.

In 2019, he’ll do it again.

Oh, one last thing, watch this video. Mister Rogers believed in the “Gardens of Your Mind.” So did PBS. In fact, this remix of the Fred Rogers’ classic went viral in 2012. It’s on numerous channels with millions of views. Let this be your soundtrack today.

You’re welcome!

(Featured Image: Courtesy of SlashFilm; Movie Image: Courtesy of Sony Pictures)



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