Will Watch | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (DVD) Review

Will Watch | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (DVD) Review

Jurassic-World-Fallen-KingdomWARNING: Before you continue on reading this review for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (the sequel to 2015’s Jurassic World and the fifth installment in the  dinosaurs-gone-wild franchise) then you should probably be aware that I will be talking about plot details and spoilers throughout.

So, this will be a … *drum roll* … SPOILER review. That’s it. You have been warned.

RUN-DOWN: The dinos have returned to the big screen! It’s been three years since Jurassic World was abandoned and destroyed (both in the movie and by most critics at the time of its release).

With a volcanic eruption threatening the lives of the escaped dinosaurs, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire without high heels (Bryce Dallas Howard) form a rescue mission to save the Jurassic animals. When arriving on the island, both lead characters uncover a conspiracy that may bring back the world to its prehistoric ages. But, what is it?


  • On Set with Chris & Bryce – Go behind the scenes with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.
  • Birth of the Indoraptor – An inside look at the genetically designed monstrosity known as the Indoraptor.
  • Death by Dino – Go behind the scenes as the Indoraptor faces off with a key character.
  • Monster in a Mansion – Director J.A. Bayona discusses how Jurassic Park and Dracula (1979) influenced his approach to directing the monster in a mansion scene.
  • Rooftop Showdown – A look at the terrifying showdown on the rooftop of the Lockwood Mansion.
  • Malcolm’s Return – Behind the scenes with the one & only Jeff Goldblum.
  • VFX Evolved – The team at ILM discuss their cutting-edge approach to creating dinosaurs.
  • FALLEN KINGDOM: The Conversation – Filmmakers and cast sit down for a candid and casual conversation about Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom
  • A Song for the Kingdom – Justice Smith sings for the cast and crew of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
  • Chris Pratt’s Jurassic Journals
  • Jurassic Then and Now – Key moments from the Jurassic saga that tie into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

REVIEW: Unlike my previous reviews, I would usually go into the positives of the movie then go into the negatives. But, with this one, I’m changing things up. Yep, it just got real.

What is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to movies and showing them off to audiences of all walks of life? Its narrative. Although this movie offers a good summary of what the Jurassic Park franchise has become or is becoming, Fallen Kingdom fails on its narrative.

What frustrates me is there really is no beginning, middle, and end (in film terms, this is known as Act 1, 2 and 3). To give you a summary of the story structure: the first hour takes place on an island and the second hour takes place in a house. A HOUSE!?!?

jurassic world houseWhen I think about the structure of the movie, my mind goes to sports terms (specifically when it comes to football or soccer, if you are American) because the first half of the movie is about the characters trying to save the dinosaurs. Then, it’s kind of a mini break when you see them transition from the island to the house. The second half drops us into the fire sale of dinosaurs. The pacing, the structure, and the overall story is just messy.

What is arguably the second most important aspect of a movie? The characters. Some of which I didn’t like in the movie: Franklin, Zia and Maisie.

And this is where the second negative arrives. I thought Zia, from my point of view, was just there to babysit Blue and something that annoys me about her character stems from the scene in which they see the Brachiosaurus when arriving at the centre of the park. Franklin is another character that I didn’t like in the movie because he was so annoying and all he did during his screen-time was scream. Literally.

Another stupid part of the story in Fallen Kingdom was the plot twist: Maisie was a clone.

maisieIt felt like the plot twist was there just for the sake of it and didn’t really have much emotional weight. I mean, it involves a character (Maisie) that no one knows. This is when I feel the movie said: “While all this dinosaur bidding is happening, we’re gonna throw in a waste of a plot twist.” On top of that, Lockwood is introduced without any mention or appearance in the previous Jurassic Park movies. There doesn’t need to be a plot twist. It’s just dumb.

Speaking of Maisie, she made one of the most thoughtless and idiotic decisions in the entire movie! Instead of letting the dinosaurs die by keeping them enclosed in their cages, Maisie decides to let them go purely because they are “alive just like I am.”

WHAT?! Maisie has single-handedly put the entire world in danger purely because of the stupid plot twist I mentioned in the last paragraph. It’s a woefully poor and reckless decision that borderlines on idiocy. Not to mention, these dinosaurs are highly dangerous as well. It sets up yet another sequel (although, the idea of a dinosaur apocalypse does intrigue me).

It hurts my head thinking about all these negatives so far.


You know, when they introduced the latest killer dinosaur in the trailers and it presented the Indoraptor as this really highly intelligent, door opening creature. I remember thinking: “The Indoraptor is gonna be so good and scary, nothing will kill it.”

I was wrong.

The Indoraptor was the most disappointing aspect in the movie, in my opinion. How it dies really underwhelms me. The dinosaur knows the glass is easily breakable and (considering it has the intelligence of a raptor) decides to run across it because of a stupid laser. Just, why? It died way too easily and way too quickly!

Now, I know what you must be thinking: “Does this guy have anything good to say about the actual movie?” or “Why did this movie make over $1 billion at the box-office?”

I think it’s about time I talk a little bit about the positives of the movie because, surprisingly, there are some.

Despite a slow start, the opening scene is really good. It sets the standards of some form of gothic horror that is unlike any other Jurassic movie we’ve seen before. If you could count Jurassic Park 3 as a horror in terms of its quality and the fact it’s a terrible movie but it did give us “Alan!”.

What really impressed me during the opening five minutes of Fallen Kingdom was the lighting (although, it was difficult to tell what was happening) and the camera movement.


The stand-out scene in the movie by far, and one that I think needs to be talked about for a while, is the heart-breaking Brachiosaurus scene. This scene has so much emotional weight behind it and the musical score fits perfectly. Its imagery of the frame is reminiscent of E.T.. I recently found out the Brachiosaurus was the dinosaur from the original Jurassic Park where Grant and Co. first see. Let that sink in for a minute!

It wouldn’t be a Jurassic Park movie without the one and only Jeff Goldblum. Even if it is a cameo.

REFLECTION: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the most disappointing movie of the year so far. I thought the story was incredibly weak and stupid, some of the characters were dumb, the pacing of the movie was messy but there were some stand-out scenes. It was just a dumb dino movie. I would recommend you save your money and not buy the DVD. You could maybe catch it on Netflix, though?

Will-Watch Rating: 56% 







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