‘Venom’ Gets Two Post-Credit Scenes (And is Still PG-13)

‘Venom’ Gets Two Post-Credit Scenes (And is Still PG-13)

Yes, we said it.

Ruben Fleischer’s Venom should carry an R rating. Yes, “the world has enough superheroes.” And literally chomping off the heads of your victims is known for family-film viewing.

But, PG-13 it is. And it was always intended to be.

“I don’t feel like we compromise much,” Fleischer told Polygon. “I’m not sure why [people thought that Venom would be R-rated], other than maybe just a bloodthirst for Venom.”


As Fleischer tells Polygon, the film was always envisioned as something to be enjoyed by a wide range of fans, which necessitates seeking a slightly less mature rating.


“We didn’t want to make a movie that excluded any fans,” he said. “Venom fans actually are of all ages, and so we wanted to be inclusive to all the fans that were excited about the movie.”

So, there’s that.

And now that the first round of press screenings for Venom has taken place (and no, the Matrix was not invited), it has been confirmed from multiple sources that Venom now has two post-credits scenes. 

The oddity about this Sony CBM offering is this won’t be mid-credits to show something related to the movie and a post-credits to possibly tease a different film, this is a huddled mass of post-credits scenes, so plan on staying for everything, kids.

Odds are these two scenes are going to celebrate the villains of the Sony Spider-verse because the whole “enough superheroes” tagline is more than a moniker for this movie; it’s a brand statement for the rest of what Sony has to offer, including Carnage, She-Venom, The Scorpion, and possibly The Life Foundation.

leto morbius

Of course, the popular pick for one of these scenes is a sneak peek of Jared Leto as Morbius the Living Vampire, which is slated to be the next Sony picture anyway.

(And not for nothing, Leto garnered mixed reviews as The Joker. If this movie is done right, he will slay this role. You heard it here first.)

Debuting in theaters on October 5, Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze,Woody Harrelson, and Ron Cephas Jones.


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