Robin Wright Takes the “Reigns” in ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Trailer

Robin Wright Takes the “Reigns” in ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Trailer

For Netflix fans, one of the largest voids left in the wake of #MeToo was Kevin Spacey’s dark hole on the set of ‘House of Cards’.

Both he and Robin Wright commands (and corrupts) The White House in stellar fashion, but let’s be honest, Beau Willimon made this Spacey’s show. So, when Spacey was kicked to the curb for his predatory, sexual indisgressions, many ‘Cards’ fans wondered if Robin Wright could take the seat at the Resolute Desk on her own.

After this trailer, the “reign” of Spacey is over (and yes, the headline is not misspelled).

We clearly have placed Frank Underwood in the rear view — and the ground.

It’s been 100 days and we see Claire taking her presumptive first solo address to the nation as Commander-in-Chief. And she ain’t playing around telling the nation whatever Francis told you during his regime, “don’t believe a word of it.”

And then, the presidential mic drop:

“The reign of the middle-aged white man is over,” she says.


That has countless implications in Netflix life and real life. To ruminate on that line alone would be a blog post by itself, but suffice to say, this year — House of Cards’ last, regardless of ratings — will be a massive undertaking of writing, production, and pushing the envelope as far as it goes.

This will be a woman-led series emerging from the shadow of a clear leading man. While his actions led his way out of office (Netflix life) and a job (real life), Robin Wright’s reclamation project begins now.

And we are all voting for that!



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