James Wan is Searching for the Next Big Horror Director in Reality Show

James Wan is Searching for the Next Big Horror Director in Reality Show

While most of us await Aquaman with baited breath because of what could be, James Wan will always be known as a savant for the screams.

The man almost single-handedly created a renaissance of horror movies with his Conjuring and Saw franchises. These films were novel, different, and box-office smashes. People, for the first time and a very long time, went to see a horror movie once, twice, even three times — at the theater. (Present company included.)

He made jump scares a science and plot development in sheer terror an art. So, it’s time to give back. Wan — along with New Line Cinemas and Magical Elves (the production house largely known for Bravo’s Top Chef) — is searching the nation for the next horror ingenue.

And it’s in a reality show!

“New Line has a proud history of horror and we’re eager to partner with filmmaker James Wan, Atomic Monster and Stage 13 to discover the boldest new voices in the genre that will thrill and excite audiences everywhere,” New Line president-COO Richard Brener and president-chief content officer Carolyn Blackwood said in a joint statement.

Night Vision will consist 13 episodes for this unique horror competition series with one aspiring filmmaker — director, writer, producer, and even executives — getting the axe each episode. And given this is a reality show about horror, maybe that’s an idea to be taken literally? (I’ll wait for my trademark infringement rights check soon.)

Based on the exclusive report from THR, the winner will receive “a once-in-a-lifetime development deal with New Line, often referred to as the House that Freddy Built, in reference to the Nightmare on Elm Street horror franchise that launched the company into prominence years ago.”

Here’s James with more:


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