NYCC: McFarlane Talks ‘Spawn’ and Making 10-Year-Olds Cry?!

NYCC: McFarlane Talks ‘Spawn’ and Making 10-Year-Olds Cry?!

Like with most years, New York Comic Con was a smashing success of cosplay supreme and panels that only compete with its progenitor to the West Coast.

Among the star attractions was the acclaimed artist from the dark side and founder of Image Comics, Todd McFarlane, who was at NYCC to discuss Spawn (creator and artist) and even got a few plugs in for his toy collection.

As we all know, dude has a certain panache for the macabre, which is why many geeks and freaks alike has been biding time patiently for his next offering to print or the silver screen.


McFarlane is writing, producing, and directing the reboot of his most notable work, the demonically oppressed and possessed anti-hero Spawn. The 1997 original starring Michael Jai White was promising for the time it was developed, but since technology — such as VFX and CGI — have come so far, we all want to see what McFarlane can do with his new project.

The reboot, slated for 2019, is set to not only feature McFarlane behind the camera, but also carry some more star power with no other than Jamie Foxx as Al SImmons / Spawn and Jeremy Renner as Twitch Williams.

Sure, the cast creates some intrigue, but the production house makes fans even happier. Blumhouse Films, as in the makers of The Purge and Paranormal Activity franchises, will be behind this version setting up a potential truer visage of what Spawn should be.

Just ask McFarlane. That’s what IGN did

“Here’s what I’m trying to get Hollywood to understand because they still don’t quite get it is I want to do a dead serious, scary movie that happens to be a superhero, right? And so they keep tripping into this superhero part and I wish I could almost take that piece out of it,” McFarlane said.

So, how anti-Marvel does he believe his primary anti-hero should be portrayed?

He continued, “Their dark is here’s PG-13, here’s R, they go over a little bit. We’re talking over here. We’re talking that it would make your kids cry. If you’re going to do dark R, make the children cry who are under 10. That’s the movie. Do I think that The Joker is gonna make 10-year-olds cry? Nope. Would I make them cry? Sure, I would because I’d be doing a movie for adults.”

Get that, Hollywood.

The creator wants a hard R-rating for a horror movie involving an anti-hero, not the other way around. Hmmm… the benefits of not being attached to a more mousey, kid-friendlish multiverse.

Can’t wait.


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