DC Comics and ‘Suicide Squad’ Go for the Smoking Gunn of Directors

DC Comics and ‘Suicide Squad’ Go for the Smoking Gunn of Directors

About that headline — sorry, not sorry.

When the damaging stories and the questionable tweets went viral, everyone knew it wouldn’t be long before regaled brainchild and director Guardians of the Galaxy 1 andJames Gunn would be filing for unemployment.

(If you need a full review, we have a lengthy one with pictures here.)

Most people just doesn’t come back from jokey jokes on Twitter that skew on the lines of child love interest and things slightly darker involving white vans with black tinted windows.

That notwithstanding, James Gunn is not most people.

Of course, Disney — ever aware of its image and reputation — gave Gunn his walking papers before he could get pen to his own paper and write GOTG 3 (and much to Dave Bautista’s chagrin — see aforementioned link above). And despite Gunn’s questionable choices in bringing the funny on Twitter, the guy is a gifted nerd writer and director meaning it also wouldn’t be long before he had another gig.

That time has come.

See, there’s this other movie house making waves with an upcoming film in Aquaman and was in need of a big splash to keep mojo swimming in its direction (okay, okay, that time for all that, I am sorry). And far be it from DC Comics and Warner Bros. not learning from its fart-and-fall-down moments, they needed help for headlines and rekindled excitement.

So, James Gunn got that new job — writing and directing Suicide Squad 2And guess who wants to ride shotgun to the box office with his man-crush?

Surprising? Yeah, not so much. So let’s help ol’ Dave “sign up.”


Put Drax into the clothing of KGBeast. Hey James, the muscles without a pulse is made for this yet-to-be-featured-in-the-squad character. G’head. Prove me wrong. I’ll wait…


And if not, there’s always Solomon Grundy. One of the two will have to happen…



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