Netflix is Doubling its Content Kingdom by 2023

Netflix is Doubling its Content Kingdom by 2023

Maybe you haven’t heard but paid TV isn’t what it used to be. Typically, it was arguing over the weather to determine if you settled on cable or satellite. These days, choices allow you to avoid paid TV altogether.

According to eMarketer, more than 33 million American “cut the cord” from paid TV in 2018 so far, which is 42% higher than the exodus from TV in 2017.

emarketer-us-pay-tv-ott-july-2018Comcast (cable) and AT&T (satellite) not really giving two turds about customers or their wallets is one large reason. The other is what Internet TV can offer. Amazon, Hulu, HBO Now, and the televised kingpin, Netflix all offer premium original content.

And while these money-grubbing neanderthals are sweating OTT offerings (“over the top”) to replace their cords and dishes — Sling, Sony PSVue, YouTube TV — there’s nothing they can do to compete with a higher quality of broadcasting. 

This is where Netflix is truly king of the content wars, and they have recently announced the kingdom is expanding. In fact, it is doubling in five years per a report from Ampere Analytics via The Hollywood Reporter.

The study shows that Netflix still leads the SVOD [subscription video-on-demand] pack by a large margin, with more than 250 new commissions planned, a figure that will more than double the 229 originals currently in Netflix’s catalog.

Amazon is a distant second on the original content list with 105 originals and a similar number of new commissions.

“All the major players have been expanding the number of original commissions in the face of an increasingly competitive market,” said Richard Cooper, an analyst at Ampere. “What’s interesting is the different audience profile that each of the [services] appear to be targeting with their originals content, suggesting they’re aiming at different niches within the SVOD market.”

With Emmy-winning series on its roster and Academy-winning actors signed up for past and future work, it seems Netflix is after all the niches.

Long live the king!


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