Marketing or Malevolent: ‘Antrum’ Said to be “Deadliest Movie Ever Made”

Marketing or Malevolent: ‘Antrum’ Said to be “Deadliest Movie Ever Made”

There are slasher movies, where the bad guy must have visited a rest stop in Hades because that dude has some serious anger issues. Some movies involving the occult make you seriously consider looking under your bed or in the closet. And then there’s those films that are so eerie, rumors are bound to leak that the director or producer are angling in literal hell for inspiration.

As we approach Halloween, many movie blogs — present company included — will have its lists of the “best slashers,” “most evil,” “goriest horror,” or “deadliest villains.” That said, have you considered what movie is “cursed.”

You may not have to research because Else Films may have done the work for us regarding its latest production Antrum. Its trailer and even on the official movie website, there is a disclaimer reading the movie is, in fact, cursed.

Warning: Be advised some images and material on this website are believed to be cursed. While the notion of a curse may be debated, this content has a history of triggering emotional duress and provoking physical or psychological danger. By entering this site you agree that you are releasing Else Films of all liability associated with any event following your viewing. it is recommended not to view this content alone.

So, there’s that.

Essentially, Michael Laicini and David Amito‘s indie is being marketed with this family-friendly note: “Every time this movie has attempted to be released, people have died.”

As the fable / marketing ploy / general warning of death goes it took 18 years just to make it to a theater. Then, in 1988, the unthinkable happened — a theater in Budapest showed it and inexplicably burned to the ground, killing 56 people.

Antrum is set to the show at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, and if this “curse” keeps form, about 1,500 people won’t reach Christmas. Is this marketing or is there something more malevolent going on? Watch the trailer (if you dare) and see for yourself.

But, you have been warned. Maybe.


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