Why War Machine is the Hidden Skrull of the MCU

Why War Machine is the Hidden Skrull of the MCU

Editor’s Note: This guest post is from fellow nerd, movie scribe, and comic aficionado, Mad Villain Mike. We’re thinking of making him more permanent inside our Nebuchadnezzar. Think of him as ‘The Kid’ in The Matrix Reloaded. 

Now with the Captain Marvel movie coming in March and the main villain of the movie being the Skrulls, it’s likely that one of the characters in the MCU is secretly a skrull.

I have a list of characters I think could be a Skrull like Black Widow, General Ross, or Sharon Carter. My favorite?

I think War Machine is the hidden Skrull of the MCU.

War Machine would make a great Skrull for many reasons.

ryan-lang-skrull-ironThink about it: Tony Stark is practically a genius arms dealer and War Machine is his right-hand man, otherwise known as Col. James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes. And if he is a Skrull in disguise, he would want to be around the government, get closer to the levels of power while seeing, and learn about Earth’s supplies and defenses.

Another advantage Rhodey would have is access to take one of Stark’s suits for research and then return it to the government to become more secretive and less suspicious.

War Machine has been there since the start of the MCU and knows everything.

Rhodey being a Skrull would really affect the character of Tony Stark the most, because his best friend and the one person he thought he can trust has been a Skrull this whole time and didn’t even notice it. This would amp up the MCU and be a great storyline for the future.

Imagine how cool it would be to see Skrull Rhodey take on the Avengers or Iron Man by himself. You may not have to imagine because there have been several scenes foreshadowing War Machine becoming a Skrull.

iron patriotA scene in the MCU that foreshadows War Machine being a Skrull is in Iron Man 3. This is when Rhodey gets captured by AIM and his Iron Patriot suit is stolen from him. One of the villains wears the Iron Patriot suit to impersonate Rhodey to get on to the plane. This foreshadows Rhodes being a Skrull because his suit is acting against him for destruction.

whiplash iron man 2Also another time where the MCU foreshadows Rhodes being a Skrull is in Iron Man 2. When Whiplash takes over War Machine’s suit to do his bidding.

war machine 2Another scene of possible evidence of him being a Skrull is in Captain America: Civil War. The scene where War Machine falls high from the sky and hard on the earth. War Machine should of died from that high of a fall. But he didn’t.

War Machine surviving this fall could explain that he truly isn’t human and that he is possibly something else. It’s highly unlikely for someone to survive this fall. This is a big red flag that Rhodey could be a Skrull.

War Machine being a Skrull would make things interesting in the MCU. I might be stretching too far in this theory but I think War Machine is the closest character to be a Skrull. War Machine being a Skrull would make some for some phenomenal scenes. 

Concept Art: Ryan Lang


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