Hulk, Godzilla Get Their Own Constellations from NASA

Hulk, Godzilla Get Their Own Constellations from NASA

When you think of “nerds,” most people usually go toward to the superhero section in the library but there is also that outer space area too. Think of the biggest nerds known to man — Einstein, Hawking, Tyson.

What do they all have in common? The final frontier. So, it only makes sense that NASA honors nerds with a constellation for location and admiration into perpetuity.

CNET reports the recent 10th anniversary of NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. You know? Party favors. Confetti. Paper plates with stars on them. Cake with the Milky Way. Good times.

To celebrate the Gamma-ray scope, NASA has named 21 new gamma-ray constellations and some big nerds in NASA (of all places) got a little inventive with the nomenclature.

You’ll see Tardis of Doctor Who fame. Mjolnir of Asgardian carpentry fame. Enterprise of the aforementioned Final Frontier fame. Godzilla of nuclear lizard fame. And there’s even a constellation so big, NASA named it Hulk. Look…


Yes, the outline is photoshopped by NASA, but that’s intentional — an arrangement of stars named after the big green dude and Bruce Banner.

“Comic book fans all know the backstory of Hulk, the big, green, angry alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, whose experiments with gamma rays went terribly wrong. Gamma rays are the strongest form of light,” explained NASA. “They pack enough punch to convert into matter under the right circumstances, a transformation both Banner and the Hulk would certainly appreciate.”

Not one for steering away from a fun conversation, Mark Ruffalo decided to get in the stratospheric conversation and his reply was ingenious.

That is precisely how we like our nerd humor — just stellar.


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