Pay Attention to Jason Momoa’s Other Role…on Netflix

Pay Attention to Jason Momoa’s Other Role…on Netflix

The nerdverse is swooning for what could be coming from James Wan’s vision of Atlantis. The thought of Aquaman being as great as it seems does several things for aficionados of the geeky, not to mention the potential salvation of a doomed multiverse.

Another thing is the rise of a shooting star, Jason Momoa.

For a while, he was a B-list guy with untapped potential. His first tiptoe into the pool of the dork was Stargate: Atlantis. He was the mercurial Ronon Dex. Yeah, I didn’t see much either. There was a reboot of Conan the Barbarian, and while Momoa looks swole, he ain’t Arnold.

However, it was a good thing that happened because that failed movie led to the catapult into the ether as Khal Drogo in HBO’s juggernaut Game of Thrones. For 10 episodes, Momoa introduced us all to what he could be.

“If this is a dream, I will the man who tries to wake me.”

While that was cheeky and a skosh romantic response to cuddle with a dragon chick, there’s no doubt he could have killed anyone. Maybe even the cameraman. Stuff like that opened the door for him to be groomed as Arthur Curry. Yet, while we have all been celebrating what’s to come in December, there’s another show you should be watching.


Frontier on Netflix, preparing for its third season on November 23.

For two haram-scarum seasons, Momoa has played Declan Harp, a brooding badass fur-trader in the mid-1700s, head of the Black Wolf Company — the vaunted enemy of the British Hudson Bay company.

His forceful near omnipresence in this show commands the screen. Even when Declan isn’t on scene, he’s considered or mentioned. And because he’s part Irish, part Cree (Native American), the British and tribes hate him but respect him equally.

What’s cool is this all starts on reputation. Harp is a man set on vengeance, searching for the people who killed his family and then the fur trade gets in the way. So, he gets in its way, and the rest is good times for a good 12 hours sitting on your own throne rummaging through a bag of Cheetos.

The storylines are dramatic. The action is brutal. The plots are continual. And the show is a bingeworthy journey in what life was probably like in a world you’ve only read about in books.

If you have nothing else to do other than eat Turkey and fight a tryptophan coma, find Netflix and bookmark this show to your list. Season Three will be great and another reminder of why we wait with baited breath for December.


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