Frank Underwood is Dead and Buried so Go Visit his Grave for Tourism

Frank Underwood is Dead and Buried so Go Visit his Grave for Tourism

It’s not a spoiler alert because it was all over the news and House of Cards trailers but Frank Underwood is dead. He had to go because Kevin Spacey was unceremoniously kicked off the gripping Netflix series in lieu of multiple, troubling accusations of harsh sexual harassment.

Ergo, goodbye Frank. Hello, Claire.

The sixth and final season of House of Cards was going to be all Robin Wright, and why not? She deserved to have a more featured role in the Beau Willimon-led production. In what is arguably one of the most bingable series (it’s a word) Netflix has to offer, this season had to play out in convincing fashion.

You could say, it had a lasting effect. And there is physical proof — Frank’s gravesite is real!

According to THR, “Netflix erected a headstone bearing the Francis J. Underwood name at a cemetery in Gaffney, South Carolina, the hometown of the fictional character of the political saga.”

How’s that for taking advantage of tourism dollars?

Seattle has Bruce Lee. Elmira, New York has Mark Twain. Los Angeles has Marilyn Monroe. We all know who is — or is not, pending conspiracy theorists — in rest at Graceland. And now, Gaffney, South Carolina has both Frank and Calvin Underwood.

Oakland Cemetery was selected as the final resting place for Frank by Netflix ahead of the final season, according to the town’s newspaper The Gaffney Ledger. The paper also ran an obituary for the show’s 46th president that read, in part: “He will be remembered as a lifelong patriot who would stop at nothing to serve his country.”

Gaffney’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is taking full advantage of it too.


gaffney tombstone

Remember in Season Three when Frank peed on his father’s grave? Gaffney police better get ready to write up those public intoxication tickets. Remember what happened to the pizza on the roof of Breaking Bad’s house?

Yeah. Fans be trippin’.



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