The DCEU Could Be Making a Comeback for the Ages, But Can They?

The DCEU Could Be Making a Comeback for the Ages, But Can They?

Most movie goers and comic book fans expect the DC Extended Universe to fail, let’s admit it.

Lately, the DCEU has been under a lot of scrutiny and it all began with the lackluster start to this cinematic universe. Today, I think it’s safe to say the general consensus is that you either love or hate the DCEU.

Me? I’m on the fence. I see both sides of the spectrum — the tragedy and horror, the expectations and the imagination. The DCEU is under a lot of pressure at the moment, which means there’s drama escalating everyday behind the scenes of the DCEU.

If you are DC fan, you know this but I’m here to say to you. The DC Extended Universe isn’t done yet. If Warner Bros. play their cards right, they can pull off a comeback for the ages.

Be Patient


Patience is everything in film making. And that is what the DCEU needs most right now. Making a cinematic universe is tough and many studios have tried to get a crack at it…and failed.

The DCEU needs to resist the temptation to start rushing and pumping out films. Unlike Marvel, DC has the rights to all of their comic book characters. So, in that case, they are very lucky. The DCEU has a ton of characters to use in future films or TV shows. That is a ton of reasons to make a glorious comeback.

The big challenge that DC Films have never figured out is understanding what they want to be as a brand. They need to stop trying to be like Marvel. You don’t need to make everything light-hearted and fun. They tried to do that in Justice League but failed miserably. DC needs to realize that copying Marvel isn’t going to work with that strategy because it’s not their content.

I’m a huge fan of DC comics myself but not so much a fan of the DCEU films.

They all have problems with character, pacing, world-building, plot development, and directing. These films have not impressed me in any way. It is finally time the DCEU stop putting out meme goldmines and start putting out hit films.

Is that possible? 

Finding an Identity

jokers-true-identity-1Before the DCEU starts planning new films they first need to do this… stop with the “Zack Snyder” genre and wait to see how the Aquaman and Shazam movies resonate with fans under the eye of new directors. If people turn out for those, and share the praise, make the future of the DCEU films fit the same tone of those movies.

These next movies must feel coherent and create a new identity because, at the moment, DCEU films don’t have one. They all feel like different films not connected or consistent with a cinematic universe. 

One major area where the DCEU went wrong was having a director and a comic book writer with so much say and involvement into the plans of a multi-billion dollar franchise. He is beloved, no doubt. But let’s be honest: Zack Snyder was given freedom to shape his vision of the DCEU. Some enjoyed Snyder’s view. Others hated it. Now, it’s time to move on. 

Warner Bros. is a multimillion-dollar company. They have tons of resources. They can get their hands on some of the best actors and producers in Hollywood instead of reaching for retreads. Recently, Warner Bros hired James Gunn to direct Suicide Squad 2. That proves the point against the studio. The DCEU need to continue its recent hiring spree on new producers, scriptwriters, and directors for a fresh take. 

If the DCEU wants to make a comeback, they need to first clean the past. Whatever is going on right now with the DCEU obviously isn’t working, Warner Bros. needs to start fresh and find their new leaders.

Don’t make a Part 2 of Justice League until they made at least three good stand-alone movies. By “good” I mean, movies that do well critically and commercially. The DCEU needs to set up Justice League, so the sequel can feel earned.

I’m a firm believer that the DCEU isn’t screwed just yet.

If Warner Bros plays their cards right in the future, they can actually pull this off. I see a lot of potential in the DCEU. That said, I think it’s time for everyone to see it now.




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