Is ‘Star Wars’ About to Get the Luck of the Irish with a George Lucas Return?

Is ‘Star Wars’ About to Get the Luck of the Irish with a George Lucas Return?

The Thanksgiving weekend was buzzing with movie news. From Disney trailers to DC voice-overs, cinephiles had more than football to cheer about these past few days. 

Perhaps one of the most “WTF” moments to hit the blogosphere was a missive from the former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson as he may have leaked that George Lucas could be planning to film a new Star Wars movie in Northern Ireland that will center around Obi-Wan Kenobi

Johnson delivered a speech at the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) conference in Northern Ireland. And among the Brexit ballyhoo, he thought he would mix things up and get the spotlight off him. So, he made an unexpected reference to much-bantered-about solo film of Kenobi:

“Which was the biggest grossing movie last year? Star Wars, and where does George Lucas propose to make a follow up about Obi-Wan Kenobi? Northern Ireland.”

Wait, what?!

Remember all those reports about Solo bringing the intergalactic franchise to its knees in terms of stand-alone movies? Do you recall Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy dispelling all those rumors of Boba Fett’s movie and Yoda’s movie? 

Among those reports were also rumors that the Kenobi origin flick was filming in Belfast (particularly the acclaimed Paint Hall Film Studios), with eyewitness accounts of George Lucas scouting locations in the emerald gem of the island. 

Next year was supposed to be the year for the Jedi grandmaster to re-appear. Then, it seemed not even the Force would do the trick. And now, some muckety-muck of British government is rocking a spoiler alert?! 

Maybe Johnson is talking about those aforementioned reports and getting his lines crossed. Perhaps he knows more than he is letting on. Quite possibly, because of the overwhelming popularity of the character, they are allowing Lucas this one final hurrah. 

Whatever the case, that creaking sound you hear shrilling in the background would be the Lucasfilm rumor mill cranking up again. Can someone add a dab of WD-40 to that thing please? 


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