‘Aquaman’ Music Score Inspired by Vangelis’ ‘Blade Runner’

‘Aquaman’ Music Score Inspired by Vangelis’ ‘Blade Runner’

If you spend any time watching movies, you get invested in the details. Eventually, you pay attention to how a movie sounds — not the soundtrack but the melody, the score.

For decades, movie scores have moved us all to visceral emotion. What John Williams has done to pop culture alone is beyond reproach. From Star Wars to Jaws, Indiana Jones to E.T., those melodies are engraved in the back of your medulla. Some of you are even humming them now.

Then scores became cerebral. These tunes of deep thoughts have created momentary lapses of reason for cinephiles. The majestic scores of today were learned from the masters of yesterday. Huddled in that Pantheon is Vangelis.

Go ahead. You know you want to do it. Hum it with me, in slow motion, if you please…

Who doesn’t instantly go into turtle mode and do everything in super slo-mo when they hear that?! That theme makes you want to fake, hyper-exaggerate run and it’s awesome.

Of course, if you know the Greek siren of film (born Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou), you are familiar with his other works of art in Alexander, 1492, and, his opus, Blade Runner

Vangelis Goes Deep

What’s so great about James Wan is that he a fanboy making movies. He adores the shock and awe horror creates in his fans, right down to the tunes Joseph Bishara eerily creates. So, obviously, when Wan was given the coral keys to Atlantis, he wanted something that would strike a chord for all DC fans as well.

See? Before they were DC fans, they were science fiction lovers, they were fantasy aficionados, they were nerds. And who in that ilk doesn’t have some feeling about the score for Blade Runner? 

It seems James Wan did for certain, as he shared with Screen Rant. He touched upon his inspirations for the movie, the scenery, and then, the score:

“Down to the musical score, I wanted to- my inspiration was Jean-Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder. So, very sort of ’80s sort of electronica. And Vangelis, of course, with what they did on Blade Runner. So, I really wanted that kind of flavor.”

Scores of that magnitude is a good plateau to reach for one of the Gregson-Williams boys, this time, Rupert, who scored another DC triumph, Wonder Woman. To know he has Wan in his ear and Vangelis in his heart, just how good will this score be?

Waiting to find out has us inspired too.

(Oh, not for nothing, but there is a score entitled ‘Trench Engaged [From Kingdom of the Trench]’ that was scored by, guess who? Joseph Bishara. That must be when they release the Karathen. Can’t wait!)



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