‘Home Alone’ Was Just Kicked Out of The Top House By ‘The Grinch’

‘Home Alone’ Was Just Kicked Out of The Top House By ‘The Grinch’

Christmas in 2018 was full of many wonderful things — fancy gifts, decent weather, great movies, new followers. And then news from Forbes came out yesterday ensuring the yuletide season just washed us away.

You see? In the world of film, there are several safeguards during the holidays. Those movies everyone watches at least once and gets into office arguments about what is the best, which one makes you happiest, and who was the best Santa.

For decades, Home Alone has been one of those staples. This film has not only been at the top of most of those debated lists, but it was also the king of profit when it came to the most successful seasonal flicks bringing a total of $285.7 million domestically and $476 million worldwide.

And then, yet another worthless reboot came to cinemas in 2018 ruining everything.

Yes, The Grinch starring Doctor Strange has now surpassed that Christmas classic as the most profitable movie of the season. 

No one bothered looking during the holidays because they were busy and didn’t care about work and stuff. However, now that research has been done, we learn with an underwhelming 58% on Rotten Tomatoes and 51% on Metacritic, it seems on Illumination’s and Universal’s $75 million budget has brought in more than $495 million!

So… there’s that. Long live the booger green king. Bah humbug.




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One thought on “‘Home Alone’ Was Just Kicked Out of The Top House By ‘The Grinch’

  1. I feel offended by this news. That abomination, a remake of a classic that was perfect in every sense, better than another one of my favourite classics? Over my dead body, no way! I love Benedict as Sherlock with my whole heart, but Grinch equals Jim Carrey, period.

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