Netflix Gets Awards, Subscribers Get Hosed

Netflix Gets Awards, Subscribers Get Hosed

For years, fans and subscribers (sometimes one in the same) have been bewildered about the dump truck of original content that comes rambling out of Netflix HQ.

That traffic jam of documentaries and daring narratives are finally getting recognized by more people than just those that pay for it. We’re talking critics. And they love it.

In case you weren’t watching the Golden Globes or the news, Netflix has been getting quite the ray of sunshine warming their hearth lately.

bird box

Maybe you have heard of Bird Box? Sandra Bullock commands the screen to this wildly entertaining, post-apocalypticish magic carpet ride all the way to the highest-rated and most-streamed show the content juggernaut has ever provided. Like 45 million accounts have watched the movie, or at least some of it.

That’s saying something considering they have 58 million U.S. subscribers.


Another one is RomaThe Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuaron appears he is on his way to get much more hardware for this autobiographical masterpiece as he collected ‘Best Director,’ ‘Best Screenplay,’ and ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ at this year’s Golden Globes. That was the last stop in his tour, as he has also picked up a hearty collection of BAFTAs, Critics Choices, and AACTAs. And he did it with Netflix.

So, of course, they have to pay these people, as well as the Coen Brothers, Shonda Rhimes, Martin Scorsese, and the heads of the other 90 original films they are offering the public in 2019.

And by “they,” I mean “we” as subscription rates will take a nice hike to the tune of 13 to 18 percent. The most popular subscription at $11 will go to $13 each month. Sure, $2 can barely by you a soda these days, but remember those 58 million subscribers? They also have 78 million outside-the-U.S. subscribers.

Do the math.

“We change pricing from time to time as we continue investing in great entertainment and improving the overall Netflix experience,” the company said in a statement announcing the changes, which apply just to United States customers.

Fresh on the heels of docking our allowance, Netflix’s stock went up 6.5 percent. That jump may pay for the $18.6 billion in original content the company has vowed to spend in 2019. (This is not a typo.)

Again, by “the company”, I mean “the subscribers.” Happy streaming.


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