The Fancasting Room | 5 Actors to Replace Jackman in the MCU as Wolverine

The Fancasting Room | 5 Actors to Replace Jackman in the MCU as Wolverine

And the hits just keep on coming!

With the (not so surprising) news that Marvel Studios will look to recast the role of Wolverine, it seems we have officially seen the last of Hugh Jackman’s iconic take on this very popular character. Though most people probably knew this was coming, the news is sure to disappoint fans still holding out hope to see Jackman don the claws again in the MCU (myself included).

Especially those that were hoping to see Jackman’s Wolverine and Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool share the screen together.

But, the show must go on!

First, lets make one thing very clear, Hugh Jackman is synonymous with the Wolverine character, in the same way that Robert Downey Jr. is with Tony Stark and Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool.

It will be very difficult to replace him. Whoever gets the role will face a lot of pressure due to the enormous sized shoes left in his place. Despite what many may be thinking, I believe there are a few actors that are up to the task!

Without further ado…

Travis Fimmel

travis fimmelIf you ever watched Vikings on the History Channel, then this guy in that role makes perfect sense. If you’ve never seen Vikings, then I ask, why the hell not?!

Fimmel turned ‘Ragnar Lothbrok’ into one of the most charismatic, brilliant, and badass characters to ever grace our television screens. That role alone is proof enough Fimmel would make a fantastic Logan/Wolverine. What he has done in this role showcased his range as Fimmel made Ragnar an emotionally complex, relatable, and intimidating character.

Fimmel is an incredibly gifted and versatile actor. In addition to his stand out performance in Vikings, he’s also had some movie credits to his name as well, most notably 2016’s adaptation of Warcraft.

Despite his talent, Fimmel has yet to have that breakout role on the big screen. Well, for those that haven’t watched Vikings, watch and then try to tell me Fimmel wouldn’t absolutely own the role of Wolverine.

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor-KitschOkay, I know what you’re thinking, “The guy who ruined Gambit in X-Men Origins Wolverine?!” Well, to that I’d say that the writers ruined the entire film all by themselves. I found his performance as Remy Lebeau as one of the few bright spots of the film.

Kitsch hasn’t had great luck in terms of box office success as two of his bigger films underwhelmed and eventually flopped, John Carter and Battleship. Make no mistake: those box office results are not indicative of his talent or performance.

Kitsch has also turned in some fantastic performances in critically acclaimed pieces of work like Savages, Lone Survivor & True Detective. He clearly has the dramatic and the action chops, but he’s also proven to have some comedic flair as well seen in the hit television show Friday Night Lights.

All of those qualities are crucial to the character of Logan, and let’s face it, have you seen Kitsch with a beard? Just put some claws on him and we have our Wolverine.

Richard Armitage

richard armitageThe oldest of the candidates at 46 years old, Armitage is only three years younger than Hugh Jackman, so this might not be a very realistic option if Marvel is wanting to go younger in order to keep the actor in the MCU long-term.

However, there is no denying Armitage’s talent as an actor or the fact he could give us a phenomenal take on the character of Wolverine.

With recognizable credits to his name like ‘Thorin Oakenshield’ from the Hobbit Trilogy, Armitage is no stranger to the action or fantasy genre. His performance as Thorin was one of the major highlights of those films and proved he not only is a fantastic dramatic actor, but also he can handle his action pieces as well.

Armitage’s performance in those films was so powerful. His character stole every single scene. He has a presence about him on screen commanding the audiences’ attention, which isn’t a bad quality to have in our new Wolverine. Marvel would be more than happy to have someone with Armitage’s talent and experience on board.

Garrett Hedlund

garrett hedlundAnother actor who hasn’t had the greatest of luck at the box office. Despite some big time roles in a few big budget films, Hedlund just hasn’t been able to find that big breakout role yet.

Although, a lot of people (including myself) would say Tron: Legacy was a phenomenal film and should have begun the franchise! His performance in that film was absolutely one of the highlights as the entire story was told through his eyes.

In addition to his role in Tron, Hedlund has also landed major roles in films like Four Brothers, Pan and Mudbound. The latter of which really served as a showcase for Hedlund’s dramatic chops.

Hedlund has the talent and charisma to become a star and to have his name mentioned with all the A-listers. He’s just waiting for that one role to jump-start his career and rocket himself into stardom. Could Wolverine be the role Hedlund needs and deserves?

Zach McGowan

zack mcgowanThis is my wild card pick, and truth be told, one of the actors I’m pulling for the most to get this role.

I may be a little biased though simply because his performance as ‘Charles Vane’ on the hit Starz series Black Sails is one of my favorite performances in a television series ever. It’s because of his performance in that show that I believe he’s a perfect candidate to don the adamantium claws.

McGowan has shown throughout his various roles that he is a very versatile actor, whether it’s playing the vicious and cutthroat Charles Vane or the lovable and dimwitted Jody on Showtime’s hit show Shameless. The differences between those two roles are like night and day; yet, he crushed both.

Then there’s also the looks. McGowan could pull off a convincing “Wolverine look” effortlessly and he has the physique to rival that of Jackman’s outrageously cut version of Logan.

Netflix missed out big when they didn’t cast McGowan as Geralt in The Witcher, Marvel would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t at least consider him for the role.


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