Chris Hemsworth is Leaving Asgard for Hulkamania

Chris Hemsworth is Leaving Asgard for Hulkamania

What’cha gonna do when the Bifrost goes wild on you? 

The Hollywood Reporter has discovered Chris Hemsworth–aka ‘Thor’–is about to take his vitamins and say his prayers all the way to a new biopic to be done about sex tape star, the very first destroyer of fake news (sorry Trump fans, wasn’t him), and wrestling icon Hulk Hogan.

The biopic is going to be led by Todd Phillips, director of DC Comics’ (and Joaquin Phoenix-led) The Joker. According to the article, details haven’t been disclosed but we will soon see the production on Netflix. And, for all the wrestling homers out there, one Eric Bischoff is getting a producer credit out of this–not Vince McMahon.

The exclusive deal with Netflix is geared to look at Hulk Hogan (née Terry Eugene Bollea): The Early Years. He began his trek to wrestling entertainment’s Mount Rushmore status in the late 1970s through the Florida wrestling circuit. It was there he caught the eye of a great old-time tag team, Jack and Gerald Brisco. Turns out the Brisco Brothers knew this up-and-coming wrestling promoter with big dreams of taking his daddy’s creation into the stratosphere.

From there, Bollea would eventually become the face of the then World Wrestling Federation. There is more than three other decades of salty and scandalous material after that point to create a full scope of Hulk’s life, but the goal at the moment is to take the retrospective glance at the man who would become the owner of the 24-inch pythons, 12 WWE championship belts, and even 6 WCW championship belts.

A comedic thing to come out of this steroid-enhanced ballyhoo was another comic book movie character trying to get the attention of the DC Comics director — none other than Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Black Manta has a funny for comic and wrestling nerds:

Now can you dig THAT, Sucka?! Vince. Eric. Whoever. Get on that…brother.


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