James Wan Trolls ‘Shazam’ Trailer Haters in Epic Fashion

James Wan Trolls ‘Shazam’ Trailer Haters in Epic Fashion

Ever since Aquaman became the saving grace for Warner Bros and the most successful movie in the DC Comics catalog (and don’t say you didn’t hear it here first), James Wan ditched the trident and put the big ‘S’ on his chest.

He stays true to DC Comics and Warner Bros. defending the sometimes ham-handed production tandem whenever he can. And the most recent swooping in to the rescue is quite possibly his best.

In case you haven’t been keeping score, we have only seen two trailers for the upcoming–and other–Captain Marvel movie. The first appearance of Shazam was seen at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. That was last July. The second and last trailer was seen during this “super” football game a while back.

(In case you missed it, enjoy…)

It’s been slightly frustrating this movie has been so hush-hush considering the amount of fanfare ready to fan the flame of hype, but director David F. Sandberg hasn’t given diddly.

One particularly vociferous “fan” pelted Twitter with his canned wisdom saying that Aquaman had multiple trailers out by this time in the marketing schedule. Pelting Sandberg’s leadership with his turds was getting out of hand.

All because he said this…

The dolts continued so… Enter James ‘Super’ Wan.

You see, folk thought James Wan didn’t know what the hell he was doing either. That is, until he showed the world–and the DC Universe–that he kinda did.

And for grins, he added another pearl of horror wisdom for grins:

Of course, the Shrek-in-real-life-idiot who came at Sandberg has since deleted his tweet and trotted on his way. That’s the thing. Trolls are a lot like horses. They like apples. So, Twitter trolls who have no clue except how to push someone’s buttons…

How ya’ like those apples?!

Is the wait worth it? We’ll find out soon enough (but the answer will be a resounding Yes. You’ll see). Shazam! lights up theaters April 5.


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