Ian McKellen Puts Back Comments on Spacey, Singer in the Closet

Ian McKellen Puts Back Comments on Spacey, Singer in the Closet

As is the fate of the beautiful people, sometimes simple commentary becomes the reason for complex retracking. Not even the great Gandalf could cast a spell away from the PR foible he created as a guest on the #QueerAF podcast during National Student Pride 2019.

Both of them were in the closet. Hence all their problems as people and their relationships with other people. If they had been able to be open about themselves and their desires, they wouldn’t have started abusing people in the way they’re being accused.

Sir Ian McKellen believed he had first-hand knowledge to speak about the men, both as a married gay man celebrated for his voice in the community, and because he has been directed by Singer on many occasions as ‘Magneto’ in the X-Men franchise. Furthermore, when Spacey was artistic director at London’s Old Vic Theater, McKellen was there, as were more than 20 uncovered accounts of #MeToo from 2003 to 2015.

While Sir Ian is right, the choice to make these two have an obsolete career is up to the fan. “Do you ever want to see them again? If the answer is no, you won’t buy a ticket, you won’t turn on the television. But there may be others for whom that’s not a consideration.”

However, such is life in the public eye. What began as a diatribe with good intentions has become the target for a Twitter onslaught and the source of an apology.

The 79-year-old actor took to Twitter with a four-part about-face.

So, there you have it. He didn’t mean to say people who haven’t been as open with their sexuality have the same perverted and abusive proclivities as Singer and Spacey. Nonetheless, open-ended commentary isn’t a luxury anyone can afford, namely certain seasoned actors.

That’s the problem with actors. We see them enough so we assume we know what they’re thinking. The issue is we don’t but because we’re a nation of instant access addicts, Sir Ian becomes the villain in this particular scene.

Do you think he deserved to be? Do you feel he owed the nation an apology?


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