‘Venom’ 2 Casting a Web for a New Director…But Why?!

‘Venom’ 2 Casting a Web for a New Director…But Why?!

It was considered impossible to warrant success because, you know, Peter Parker was nowhere to be found (and was dealing with the ‘Snap’). Then, $855 million later–including $80 million on opening weekend–people were freaking out about Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Venom. 

This is the No. 15 most profitable comic book movie in history and Ruben Fleischer’s crowning achievement as a director (although Gangster Squad wasn’t bad). Sony has already announced a sequel and Carnage is coming!

So, someone please tell us why in the symbiotic hell is Sony considering a new director for the new Venom movie?! 

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Variety reports that even though master scribe Kelly Marcel (and a producer of the original) and Tom Hardy are returning for the sequel, Sony Pictures is already shopping for some new symbiote groceries at the director position.

Sony, of course, declined comment with their chicken-ess selves.

Michelle Williams? Back. Woody Harrelson? Of course, he’s back. But that Fleischer guy who orchestrated all of it together? Yeah, who needs him.

A unnamed source says Fleischer may be occupied shooting a sequel to his other well-known movie Zombieland. And we’re expected to be okay with that?

Let’s see: Shoot a sequel for one of the biggest surprises in recent nerd memory and make close to another $1 billion or take a respite and construct a follow-up to a film that has done, to date, $102 million. (And it came out in 2009!)

Venom was a triumph because although it wasn’t rated R, it shattered October box office records. Fans went back multiple times to see it in the theater because of its dark nature–drama and comedy. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and Venom was anything short of masterful. While Hardy did that, Fleischer directed that. Now Sony may not be happy with that.

The beginning of an enigmatic and morose franchise with its first ouster. Sony? Learn from DC. Don’t do that.


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