Why Marvel has the Midas Touch and What DC Must Learn

Why Marvel has the Midas Touch and What DC Must Learn

Reviews are pouring in on Captain Marvel. And while this post is completely spoiler-free (and really doesn’t discuss the film), it’s safe to say the audience is very mixed on the movie.

Unexpected. Unusual. Brilliant. #GirlPower. Meh. Let’s just get to ‘Endgame.’ 

Whatever flavor is your fancy, it’s out there for your reading pleasure. Despite the mixed hype, this movie is well on its way to backing a Brinks truck up to Marvel Studios with close to a billion dollars. You know, for Marvel, again

Nothing is surprising anymore when Marvel releases a movie. I love all the Twitter critics who throw out the superlatives, “Amazing,” “Unprecedented,” “Incredible.” Any time a new movie comes out from the makers of the MCU, this is what you hear, but not so much.

Marvel set the bar and they raise it almost every time. The box office hype and results may be amazing but they are no longer unprecedented. We expect it, but only from Marvel. The key is why we expect it: Trust.

In Marvel We Trust


No one is perfect, not even the great Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios. He had help but the “phased approach” was his brainchild. It was executed brilliantly. As we all prepare for the ultimate culmination of the MCU with Avengers: Endgame, we know one thing for certain–it’s nowhere near the end.

And there is no person that doubts anything will fail because Marvel has earned that from us. They have worked for our confidence. They have hustled for our money. They have achieved supremacy. Feige committed to a plan and never let up. Even in the wake of Ant-Man & the Wasp, Thor: The Dark World, or the ridiculous way they Etch-a-Sketched Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk, momentum was always moving forward.

Admit it, you will always spend money on Marvel because you always want to see what’s next. They earned it.

In DC, Should We Must?


Zack Snyder was working the DC Extended Universe in the same fashion as Feige. He began with its preeminent hero and it was one of the greatest origin movies ever made. Then again, Zack is a brilliant story teller, cinematographer, and director. At least, that was expected.

From there spawned arguably the most polarizing film in CBM history, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of JusticeIt was all there in the title. We knew it was coming, only there was no plan, no commitment to Snyder’s vision, and absolutely no trust. It only took two movies for the powers-that-be at DC and WB to prove they didn’t have the stones to do what Marvel was accomplishing.

BvS could have set the foundation but there was no plan. A terrific origin movie in Wonder Woman was born, and we learned of more heroes to come. One did and Aquaman was a triumph. The trick was the King of Atlantis ruled the box office in spite of WB and DC, not as a result of them.

Again, there was no trust.

We saw Justice League and many of us wish we hadn’t. The story is completely overblown, over reported, and it should just be over. Snyder was out. Whedon was in. Vision was out. Very bad jokes were in. Process was out. Pushing an issue was in.

Walter Hamada is nothing like Kevin Feige. Sure, as head of DC Films, he had a job to do but there was no enforcement of a vision or connection to the canon. Essentially, he sucked at helping us believe in what the “Worlds of DC’ could become.

Since then, Toby Emmerich has gloated in the supreme success of Aquaman and will continue to swell with the upcoming Shazam. DC will no longer make “connected” movies (allegedly) until they have made nice with the DC Universe–us.

Do you believe him? Does that earn your trust? Before you answer, consider this: There has never more hype about what DC is going to do next more than now.

It’s All About Trust

dc marvel

Despite the trolls and the game they play. Regardless of the Hatfields and McCoys of nerdville. One thing should united those clans–we are embarking on the greatest time in geek history. Directors are empowered to dig deep within canon and make majestic visions of those superheroes. They are also being asked to go dark and imagine what a villain can really become.

There is a reason for trust on both sides of the fence. Feige will continue to guide the direction of the MCU in masterful ways. Marvel is about to gain access to an entire new fleet of heroes thanks to Fox giving up that portion of the ghost. Now that Emmerich has decided the way of DC is to make tell great stories and not worry about great connections, we are getting many new ideas from new directors.

If only the two sides of geek could see the momentum. DC wanted a Feige and now they may have one. Marvel wanted global domination and they do have that. And all we want are great movies.

Don’t you believe we have that? I do, but then again, I trust both sides. We all should because, to use a title we know, Endgame is a misnomer. This is only the beginning. 


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