Monthly Must-Sees | April 2019

Monthly Must-Sees | April 2019

Welcome to the April edition of our ‘Monthly Must-Sees‘ segment.

If this is your first time checking out this segment, this is a new bit we recently started to review all the cinematic offerings coming each month. Then, we select the top five that we feel just simply cannot be missed!

That said, April just might be one of–if not, the–best month of this year for cinematic offerings. Movie-goers should have no problem finding something to peak their interest! From a double dose of horror, to an R-rated anti-hero (no, not Deadpool), and two superhero releases.

Ob, by the way, one of those CBMs will be the largest film event in cinematic history. Take a look below to see the films just can’t afford to miss this month!

5. The Curse of La Llorona

The Conjuring universe just keeps on expanding!

James Wan’s creation is possibly the most successful, financially and critically, cinematic universe since the MCU, and it keeps producing hits. Not many cinephiles believed after The Conjuring released back in 2013 that we would get a shared cinematic universe of horror films all connected to each other. So, when it was announced this was the intention of James Wan and Warner Bros., many scoffed at the idea.

Yet here we are, six years, five films and $1.6 billion dollars later!

This new chapter follows Anna Garcia (Linda Cardellini), a Los Angeles social worker raising her two children all by herself in the 1970s. As her family begins to experience unexplainable and supernatural events, she discovers “The Weeping Witch” La Llorona has latched herself onto the family and will stop at nothing to take her children.

Release Date: April 19

4. Pet Sematary

April is shaping up to be quite the month for horror fans as it looks like we will be getting two high profile horror releases.

You may know, the original Pet Sematary did not gain the enormous following already in place like the original TV series IT earned; therefore it’s likely we won’t see this film pull in a Pennywise-sized box office haul, but never underestimate the magnetic pull of Mr. King’s stories.

Pet Sematary was first released in 1989, a full 30 years ago. The trailer even featured the man himself (see the :29 mark).

It will be interesting to see the changes made for the story to adapt it for more modern times. The story follows Dr. Louis Creed (played by Jason Clarke) who, with his wife and two children, move from Boston to rural Maine (because, of course, it’s King).

Deep in the woods behind their new family home, Louis discovers an ancient burial ground. When the family cat is killed and they bury it, the family discovers it has the power to bring those who have died back but not without a few catches. Also starting John Lithgow, Pet Sematary looks to continue the hot streak of Stephen King remakes.

Release Date: April 15

3. Hellboy

For years, it was a “will they or won’t they” scenario to complete Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy trilogy. The originals definitely have a cult following but the first two films, while not flops, were far from being runaway box-office successes. Still, a lot of fans wanted GDT to make that third movie to conclude his trilogy.

When the news finally broke about the studio declining to finish the trilogy and instead opting for a reboot, there was a significant outcry of disapproval from the fans and even Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. Once some time had passed and we got out first look at Stranger Things star David Harbour in full prosthetic makeup, a sense of intrigue and optimism surrounded the film. After the release of the first trailer, I think it’s safe to say audiences are going to be willing to give the reboot a fair shake, even though projections aren’t that impressive.

Opting this time for an R-rating, the Hellboy reboot will certainly have a slightly darker vibe and won’t face any kind of restrictions in regards to the violence in the film and how it’s portrayed. The new reboot will see our favorite half-demon anti-hero called to the English countryside to battle multiple rampaging giants.

While there, he discovers a much larger threat with the ‘Blood Queen’ (Milla Jovovich), an ancient sorceress who has been resurrected and hellbent (pun intended) on avenging a past betrayal. To prevent the end of the world, “Big Red” must team up with an Irish witch and a shapeshifter that can transform into a Jaguar to stop the Blood Queen from carrying out her mission.

Release Date: April 12

2. Shazam!

Okay, I’ll admit, when this one was first announced I was very “meh” about it. The first set photos leaked of the suit turned me off on the film even more and the first teaser trailer did nothing to increase my interest.

However, every piece of marketing that has been released have been absolutely brilliant. The trailers have done an impeccable job at making it very clear to the audience this isn’t your typical DC and WB film in terms of tone. While most DC films are fairly dark and serious, Shazam! appears to be a lot more fun and significantly more lighthearted than all the films in the DCEU (or, is it Worlds of DC?) that came before it.

Shazam! represents a major change in direction for the franchise. After Aquaman lit the box office on fire, optimism started to grow. All eyes will be on Shazam! to make it two critically and financially successful DC films in a row.

The film will follow 14-year-old Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who receives abilities from the ancient wizard named, yep you guessed it, Shazam. All Billy has to do is shout that name and boom, he transforms into a full blown god-like superhero (played by Zachary Levi).

Still a kid at heart on the inside, Billy revels having superpowers and like any 14-year-old would, he has some fun! It’s not all fun and games though as Billy will have speed up his “training” and master his abilities to defeat Dr. Silvana (Mark Strong). The film really seems like a breath of fresh air for the superhero genre, and if those fantastic trailers are any indication, we are in for a real treat!

Release Date: April 5

Avengers Endgame

The mother of them all. Marvel’s crowning jewel. The culmination of the entire MCU up until this point. The biggest film event in cinematic history without a doubt and if you think otherwise, you’re either simply a troll or just daft.

This unveiling will be much more than a movie; this is a massive event. There’s only two “series finale” type events in film and television that I would say have the hype and anticipation equivalent to that of major sporting events: Avengers Endgame and Game of Thrones series finale. Both the MCU and GoT have massive followings and are two of the most culturally relevant and prominent names in the entertainment industry today. Even people that have never watched any film from the MCU or any episode of GoT still know what they are and they could probably even still name a character or two!

So, in short, expect this film to absolutely and thoroughly shatter some records at the box office! Endgame is a direct sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed and insanely profitable Avengers: Infinity War.

As everyone already knows, half of all life in the universe was “snapped” from existence thanks to Thanos and that damn gauntlet of his! The ending of Infinity War left us all in complete shock and disbelief as we saw some of the MCU’s newer heroes like Spider-Man and Black Panther fall victim to the snap. Not only that, but the villain actually won…I mean how often does that happen?!

Endgame will follow our surviving heroes as they do “whatever it takes” to reverse the damage caused by Thanos and bring back their fallen friends. Luckily, they’ll have a little extra help in the form of a certain female badass who’s very own solo movie is kicking some serious butt at the box office as we speak! It’s a guarantee this film is going crush some records, that’s not even a question.

The real question is, just how high can this film go? We’ll find out soon enough!

Release Date: April 26

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