MoviesMatrixMadness | Top 64 CBMs

MoviesMatrixMadness | Top 64 CBMs

March is here. Madness has begun. And while all sports fans and others who just want to play in the office pool because there’s an open bar, most people have a bracket.

Nerds, blerds, geeks, freaks — we should be no different. Moving forward and throughout the year, we are going to get scientific with opinions. Your opinions! 

The best part about this blog is we empower the cinephile. We give credit to where it is due instead of making “breaking news” without it. We share opinion as our own and ground reason in fact. And, we like to have fun doing it too.

It all begins here: MoviesMatrixMadness – The Best 64 CBMs.

Before we go on, here are what each CBM is being judged upon:
  • Box Office Success – Much like teams of yesteryear, not everyone paid money to see each CBM. There are other CBMs that made a lot of money, but only because money was among more people and expectations were high. Inflation is being considered, so there’s that.
  • Visual Appeal – From CGI to true cinematography, the way a movie appears matter more than most things. It’s the first impression. It’s the final note. It creates the chill bumps. It makes us swoon. And, at times, it makes us realize how inept they are. The visuals do both for us all.
  • Canon – Marvel to DC, Image to Dark Horse. Regardless of the publisher, movies have to stay true to canon. There is a reason the movie is here in the first place and the canon is how it got here. Many stay true to its foundation. Others, not so much.
  • Characters – Throughout all of comic lore, we have the same things — heroes and villains. And the random anti-hero. It takes a true characterization and personification to bring that writing to life. An Oscar-winner doesn’t have to put on a cape (or a cowl) to be convincing. They have to embody the character. That’s what we hold true.
  • Score – How does a movie make you feel? Typically, the emotion comes through what a movie sounds like as well. The score makes the package real. Can you imagine in The Lord of the Rings didn’t have those Gregorian Monks in the background? Consider what Jaws would have been like without the “Duuuuh-Duh.” The beats of the music equal the beats of our nerd hearts.
  • Storytelling – Lastly, this is the most important aspect of any movie. Without a compelling and moving story, who cares about the music, the people, the fable. None of it matters without a path for the rest to follow. Creative license with canon. Directorial invention with a tale. It all has to weave together like a fine tapestry. If not, it’s a giant ball of thread.
Here are your regions:

Wakanda Region


This branch of 16 from the Wakanda region include some real advanced players–some pioneers and some real freaks of nature. There are even a few surprises that could pose a real threat to CBM supremacy. Here are your match-ups:

1 Avengers: Infinity War vs. 16 LEGO Batman Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1 vs. 15 Suicide Squad

3 The Dark Knight Rises vs. 14 The Mask 

4 Iron Man vs. 13 Men in Black 

5 Spider-Man 2 vs 12 Blade 

6 Blade 2 vs. 11 Superman 2 

7 Black Panther vs. 10 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 

8 Doctor Strange vs. 9 X-Men: First Class 

Metropolis Region


The Metropolis region features some of comic book movies most novel and reaching projects. These films have all left us with a true lasting impression. Granted, some of those impressions have lasted for wrong reasons, but last nonetheless. See what these match-ups do for you.

Logan vs. 16 Fantastic Four

Man of Steel vs. 15. Thor 2: The Dark World

Captain America: Civil War vs. 14 Constantine 

Batman Begins vs. 13 The Crow 

The Avengers vs. 12 The Wolverine

Deadpool 2 vs. 11 Ant-Man and The Wasp 

X2 vs. 10 Batman

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World vs. 9 Captain Marvel

Asgard Region


Much like the region would suggest, there are some serious powerhouses in these hills. Strength of character, score, story, and everything else we are judging. There is no escape on the Bifrost here. It’s one on one, thanks to your vote. Wield a hammer and let’s do this! Here are the match-ups:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. 16. Dredd

Deadpool vs. 15 The Amazing Spider-Man 

Spider-Man: Homecoming vs. 14 Sin City 

Avengers: Age of Ultron vs 13 Hellboy 

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 vs. 12 Iron Man 2

Watchmen vs. 11 Venom 

Thor vs. 10 Incredible Hulk 

Kick Ass vs. 9 Flash Gordon 



It’s a dark and dreary place, but it’s also home to hope in strangers. While the shadows are lurking, the heroes are ever-present. This region has some serious trendsetters that have left a presence on geekdom that are impossible to deny. These match-ups should spark some eternal debate.

The Dark Knight vs. 16 X-Men

X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. 15 Superman Returns

Thor: Ragnarok vs. 14 Spider-Man 3

300 vs. 13 Captain America: The First Avenger

Wonder Woman vs. 12 Ant-Man

Aquaman vs. 11 Iron Man 3

Kingsman: The Secret Service vs. 10 Superman: The Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice vs. 9 V for Vendetta 


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