Avengers Created a Twitter “Endgame” for Ticket Sites Everywhere

You may have missed the news, but Marvel has a movie coming out this month. Due respect to Ron Burgundy, this is kind of a big deal.

There is talk that the magic mile marker for all movies — $1 billion — will be reached in Avengers: Endgame‘s first four friggin’ days! An achievement like that takes four months. And that’s for the really, really good movies.

For 85% of films ever made, it’s never even considered, much less closely approached. Now, we have a nerd movie that could eclipse nine zeros in less than a week. Hate us if you want Oscars. Your esoteric, indie flicks can’t touch that kind of strength even with Thor’s power. (Sorry, that was another geek reference. Ask your spoiled kids.)

In lieu of Cinema Con and heightened expectations of what would happen in three hours and two minutes, Marvel Studios placed its Willy Wonka golden tickets on sale close to a month in advance. What ensued was anything short of irony. Let’s say every ticket vanished in a snap!

This from USA Today

The rush of activity took down the AMC Theatres site and app, left fans with over hour-long waits at ticketing site Fandango, and also caused issues with the Regal Cinemas and Atom Tickets apps.

Fandango was still showing wait times of over an hour to purchase tickets as of 10:30 a.m. ET Tuesday, while the AMC website and app continued to have issues. Atom Tickets were loading, but the site was still alerting to errors when trying to purchase tickets.

Let’s see: AMC, Fandango, Regal, Atom. That’s at least 70% of the movie ticket purveyors right there. All of them were held hostage by the groundswell of clicks by #NerdNation going all whack-a-mole on any site that said it had tickets–only to be “in line” for at least an hour. Mostly, longer. And often, without avail.

Amazing what a trailer can do to people, huh?

The results were people held in agony waiting, like a snail and a line at the Department of Motor Vehicles got freaky and said, “Yeah, girl, let’s take it really slow.” They did. Then, this happened (all day long). Enjoy.


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