Just Like Ali, Call the MCU ‘The Greatest’

Just Like Ali, Call the MCU ‘The Greatest’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the greatest film franchise of all time. Period. 

The consistency of one film to another is unmatched, which has been seen both critically and financially. When you compare this franchise to any other franchise, it’s almost laughable.

The MCU and its 21 films, as of this article, has made more than $18.5 billion over the course of 11 years. The next closest is Star Wars, at $9.3 billion spanning over the course of 40 years. Next up, the Harry Potter franchise in third with $9.2 billion through 10 movies including 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them and The Crimes of Grindelwald. Next is the James Bond franchise, which has shaken and stirred roughly $7 billion in box-office receipts since 1963. The last spot in the top five goes to the Lord of the Rings franchise at $5.9 billion, which also includes The Hobbit prequels.

You get the picture: The MCU is basically Scrooge McDuck swimming through money.scrooge mcduck

Critically, Marvel’s position sustains its dominance with every trailer they drop. If don’t believe me, just check your Twitter for what the most tending topic is every time Marvel releases something.

Most recently, they were selling tickets a month before the movie opens. How many times does that break Twitter? 

The brand awareness and brand loyalty for the MCU is off the charts. That is not changing any time soon. 

Just check Rotten Tomatoes out. It paints another picture of consistency for the MCU as the lowest movie in the franchise sports a 65% rating (Thor: The Dark World) and every single film is ‘fresh’ with the majority being ‘certified fresh’ (75% or higher).

  • Box office dominance? Check.
  • Positive audience reception? Check.
  • Consistent critical acclaim? Check.

If you’re looking for a ‘LeBron-style slam dunk’ or a ‘Muhammad Ali-level KO’ as far the best ever list goes, the MCU heads that and then some. With Endgame coming out (that’s another $2 billion easily), Spider-Man FFH approaching, “Phase 4” coming, and the Disney-Fox acquisition and Disney+, the MCU shows no signs of slowing down.

It has a Thanos-level grip on the title of greatest film franchise of all time. And not a single ‘Phantom Punch’ in sight to swing and miss. This gauntlet grasp on supremacy is going to last.  


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