The Fancasting Room | The Only 4 Actors Who Should be Considered for the MCU’s Dr. Doom

The Fancasting Room | The Only 4 Actors Who Should be Considered for the MCU’s Dr. Doom

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a Fantastic Four fancast article due to the Disney-Fox merger becoming official (finally). Marvel is finally getting their first family back and the fans are finally going to get the F4 adaptation that should have been (and we deserve).

Coming along with Marvel’s first family is also one of Marvel’s most popular and powerful villains, Dr. Doom! Fans have been clamoring for another take on the ultra powerful villain, even going as far as to call for a solo film for the character.

Julian McMahon did a decent job as Doom in the original Fantastic Four film and its sequel. Toby Klebbel did the best he could with what he had to work with in the abomination of a reboot a couple years ago.

That said, we really haven’t had an actor or film that has portrayed Doom in a way that really shows why he’s one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.

Now that F4 and Doom are home, we’ll need a new actor to step up and give us the proper Doctor Doom. So without further ado, here are the only four actors that should be considered by Marvel to take on the role of the ruler of Latveria.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

nikolai coster waldau

You’re damn right I put Jamie Lannister in the running to play Victor Von Doom. His performance as “The Kingslayer” in HBO’s massively successful, Game of Thrones, is a consistent bright spot in the series. We see him take his character from a cocky, arrogant, ruthless warrior to a humbled man who truly sees the errors of his ways. That transition has showcased Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s fantastic range as an actor.

With Game of Thrones coming to an end, his schedule should be wide-open and Marvel would be wise to snatch him up (fast) as he will be an in-demand commodity, thanks to his amazing work on GoT. He’s yet to become a true household name, but give him the role of one of comic’s most popular and powerful villains, and I guarantee that will change. I don’t think anybody would be upset to see Coster-Waldau go from Kingslayer to the ruler of Latveria!

Rufus Sewell

knights tale rufus sewellCount Adhemar (A Knight’s Tale) Rufus Sewell has that villainous look about him, and he’s definitely no slouch about playing the villain either. If you want proof, check out films like A Knights Tale and The Illusionist. In both films, he delivers fantastically villainous performances and he does so with such a natural, sardonic charisma.

Sewell is a true method actor. When he portrays a villain, his character becomes someone the audience just loves to hate. His most recent role as John Smith, the head of Nazi operations in Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle actually is pretty similar to the role of Doom himself. Sewell would bring a cold, calculating, and intelligent take to the role of Dr. Doom. It’s a guarantee that he would turn in a memorable performance.

Rami Malek

cred-alex-bailey-for-twentieth-c-foxMight as well strike while the iron is hot. Rami Malek has been riding higher than anyone off his scene-stealing, Oscar-winning performance as the late great Freddy Mercury in Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Prior to portraying the rock legend, Malek was definitely a talent on everyone’s radar after his stellar performance in Mr. Robot. Marvel is no stranger to acquiring high-profile talent for their films, and there may not be a more in-demand actor than Malek right now.

Contributing to Malek being placed on this list was the interesting news a little while back about Malek possibly joining the new James Bond film as the villain. Malek portraying the villain is a very intriguing concept. Let’s keep the train rolling and get him signed up as Dr. Doom! We all already know Malek’s talent and acting ability are undeniable, so putting him in the role of the villain would be refreshing.

Luke Evans

luke evans dracula untold

It’s pretty amazing that Luke Evans hasn’t appeared in a CBM yet. He’s hands-down one of the better actors working today and with numerous high-profile roles, Evans proves some serious talent in front of the camera. He’s got the rugged good looks, more than enough charisma, and he is quite imposing.

Evans would be more than capable to give us a definitive take on the rule of Latveria, one that is charismatic and chilling at the same time. His roles in films such as Fast & Furious 6, Dracula Untold, Immortals and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, show how comfortable Evans is in films heavy on action. That is crucial since Dr. Doom is one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel universe, so the actor portraying has to be convincing and intimidating while he’s putting a beat down on our favorite heroes. It’s time to get Evans in a superhero film, and Dr. Doom seems like a match made in heaven.


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