The Only Thing You Need To Survive ‘Avengers Endgame’ Long Runtime

The Only Thing You Need To Survive ‘Avengers Endgame’ Long Runtime

Avengers Endgame’ comes out next weekend, and with it clocking in at 3 hours and 2 min (3 and a half if you include previews), many fans are wondering how they’ll ever survive that long without a bathroom break. After all, nobody wants to miss a second of this movie.

The Russo Brothers suggested that we should prep as if we’re going into surgery and not eat or drink for 24 hours before we see the film. So if you’re dying to see ‘Endgame,’ but don’t feel like dying of thirst, luckily, there’s a device for you!

LifeStraw is an emergency survival straw that filters out all of the bacteria, viruses, and parasites in it, creating safe drinking water from river water, sewage, and even your own urine. These straws are typically priced at around $25 a piece.

While this device was designed to help hardcore hikers when they run out of water or assure that poorer countries a way of accessing clean drinking water, it can be used for many different things, such as surviving ‘Avengers Endgame.’

So feel free to drink that extra large coke, and when nature calls, just lower your cup beneath your seat, relieve yourself, stick your brand new LifeStraw in, drink, and repeat (Buying the water bottle version is recommended for this technique). Just like that, you’ve got yourself an endless water supply.


If you still don’t believe that you can drink your own Urine (and I wouldn’t blame you), just watch this video! It may not be the most ideal way of getting through it, but when it comes to Avengers, you gotta do what you gotta do. There’s also that little bit of news from the Russo’s and Feige himself: there is no good time to use the bathroom during Endgame!

LifeStraw is the only way you can make it through ‘Endgame’ without your bladder bursting. As we enter the final week leading up to one of, if not the, most anticipated movies of all time, we have to be ready. Prepare your bladders, bring your tissues, and avoid the leaks online, don’t get spoiled!


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