Tolkien’s Family Thinks Biopic is a ‘Book of Lost Tales’

Tolkien’s Family Thinks Biopic is a ‘Book of Lost Tales’

That’s the problem with movies these days.

You go out to find a new topic, something that audiences will clamor to see in theaters. It gets done, relatively unscathed from critics and bloggers. Then, you promote it. And right when it’s about to drop into press junkets, something causes tragedy.

Take the J.R.R. Tolkien biopic all Middle Earth nerds could not wait to see.

tolkien lost talesFOX Searchlight was hoping for some nice residuals on this one, given how successful Peter Jackson made both trilogies The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. 

This was certain to do well. One problem — looks like FOX forgot to ask Tolkien’s family their thoughts, or even approval. 

(Oh, and the headline? If you know Tolkien, you got the reference and are probably giving us a high-five on that one.)

According to a family statement released to The Hollywood Reporterthe Tolkien clan “does not endorse…in any way.”


The Tolkien estate said they wished to “make clear that they did not approve of, authorize or participate in the making” of the film…

“They do not endorse it or its content in any way,” the statement added.

To be clear, no one in the family has even seen the movie, which probably means, no one in the family was consulted on this thing. They have been approached before and denied the opportunity for Tolkien’s own story to hit the big screen. Looks like Fox thought they could go solo on this voyage to Middle Earth.

Were all the princesses in his tales based on his wife? Did he really go to parties dressed as a polar bear? Was the hopeless romantic really full of angst about his fans? Did Frodo and Sam get their inspiration from his World War I time in the trenches? And can someone please explain just what was up between him and his classmate, and fellow literary giant, C.S. Lewis?!

All of those are well-known topic points for Tolkien, but did Fox do their homework? I guess we will see next month when the movie drops… and possibly the family picketing outside (in Hobbit cosplay, of course).

Incidentally, Tolkien is the first Fox Searchlight film distributed by Disney since they bought 21st Century Fox. Nice first impression, gang.




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