Now Even Marvel is Spoiling the Endgame

Now Even Marvel is Spoiling the Endgame

*WARNING: If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn away. Far away.*



We believe in #DontSpoilTheEndgame very much, but if you ask Marvel Studios, they’re pretty much done with the spoiler hush order. Just note their latest TV spot.

What the red, white, and blue hell was that?!

The :15 second spot is littered with spoilers — like, a dumpster fire worth. Fans have waited more than a decade for this movie, but some can’t see it on opening weekend, so they have to wait until payday.

So, they mute Twitter because people suck. They turn off Instagram because people suck. And when they think they are fully protected like a nerd with a body condom, they run into a :15 second spot on the evening news!

The celebratory brag reel of everyone’s few-word phrases of acclaim and lauding is to be expected, but only with B-roll of what we knew everyone knows.

But, noooooo… we get:

  • Iron Pepper Potts in the climatic battle scene
  • Long-haired Thor thanks to past Thor
  • Pot-bellied Thor thanks to future Thor
  • And this big green nerd disguised as Hulk

Guess they figured $1.2 billion for an opening weekend gives them some levity. It does, but dang! Thanks for “don’t spoil the”… eh, too late. Never mind. 


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