Monthly Must-Sees | May 2019

Monthly Must-Sees | May 2019

Welcome to another edition of ‘Monthly Must-Sees‘, the segment where we take you through the best five films that are releasing each month! Want to know what you should be seeing each month? You’re in the right place!

The month of May is absolutely stacked (shocker). There are tons of high profile releases coming this month! From the most badass assassin on the planet, to an adorable Ryan Reynolds-voiced Pikachu, and an epic showdown between mountain-sized monsters.

This month really does have something for everyone, let’s take a look at the five must-see films of May, but first…


(Honorable Mention)

While it didn’t make the top five for this month, this is still a film that shouldn’t be slept on. Offering a unique and fresh (horrific) take on the superhero genre, Brightburn will explore what would happen if Superman didn’t want to save people, but instead chose to terrorize the world that he has the power to protect…or destroy. Superhero meets horror in this James Gunn-produced film.

Release Date: May 24

5. Rocketman

I actually feel kind of bad for this film because it has to follow that masterpiece of another biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Not to say that Sir Elton John isn’t every bit as legendary and iconic as Freddie Mercury, because he most certainly is, but that film definitely set a new standard for biopics about rock stars and musicians in general.

Can Taron Edgerton give us a performance of a lifetime as the iconic Sir Elton John like Rami Malek gave us as Freddie Mercury?

With biopics, it’s been proven time-and-time again, biopic films live and die with the performance from the actor or actress portraying the person in real life. Bohemian Rhapsody wasn’t a perfect film, but Malek’s performance was so incredibly brilliant that it elevated every part of that movie.

Here’s to hoping Edgerton can pull off the same! After all, it’s Eggsy (Kingsman) playing Sir Elton seems like a perfect match.

Release Date: May 31

4. Aladdin

Look for Disney to continue its box office dominance with this one. Sure, after the first trailer and the Genie reveal, there were a lot of negative reactions and it seemed like maybe this could end up being a rare flop for the House of Mouse.

It would have been a real shame considering just how beloved the original is. It’s by far one of the most popular and recognizable classics Disney has in its vaults. Disney is certainly banking on nostalgia with these live-action remakes of their beloved classics, if any film can evoke those nostalgic feelings, it’s Aladdin.

Aladdin has faced an uphill battle since Will Smith was cast as the big blue genie. Robin Williams gave such an iconic performance in the original that some fans don’t think the movie should be remade at all. However, it seems public opinion has swayed favorably for Aladdin following the release of the 2nd trailer and multiple TV spots.

Aladdin’s box office projections also rose to anywhere between $90 – $115 million domestically over its opening weekend, which is more than solid. The visuals look gorgeous, the musical numbers sound terrific and perhaps most importantly, it appears to have captured the spirit of the original.

Release Date: May 24

3. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Welcome back, Mr. Wick! We are so pleased to have you back here with us again. The John Wick franchise is proof with the right cast and crew, the right story, and some terrific marketing, original movies can still thrive and in this case, spawn a franchise.

The first film, released back in 2014, was a surprise sleeper hit, amassing $90 million on a $20 million budget. The story was well-written, superbly acted, and had flawless action. People wanted more John Wick and the world of assassins created in the film.

Here we are: 5 years later and about to get a third movie in this franchise!

Not only that, but this round, they really upped the ante and added some true superstar power in the form of Halle Berry and Angelica Houston who join an already fantastic cast. The end of the 2nd film left John with a $14 million bounty on his head leaving every assassin in New York trying to collect it. Let’s say roughly 200 assassins against John Wick…I’m taking Wick all day!

Release Date: May 17

2. Detective Pikachu

If at first when this movie was announced you said, “What the hell is a Detective Pikachu,” you’re forgiven. But, if today you’re still asking that question, I ask you…where the hell have you been?!

By now, mostly everyone has seen the marketing for Detective Pikachu and interest in the film is very high, including my own (I will admit that I was not all that excited when the film was first announced). I, like so many others, am singing a different tune now.

Mentioned above, the marketing for this film has been nothing short of perfect. It has showed us the beautiful CGI used to bring these Pokémon to life on the big screen, and not only that, the trailers have shown us a lot of different Pokémon including fan favorites Charizard and MewTwo.

The real scene stealer in every trailer and TV spot is Ryan Reynolds. The choice to cast the extremely witty and sarcastic Reynolds as the adorable Pikachu was a stroke of genius. Not only does it work, but having Reynolds attached to this franchise moving forward is a huge plus. Look for this film to catch itself a nice box office take.

Release Date: May 10

1. Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Each and every time I see a trailer for this film, I get goosebumps and sit in complete awe. The scale of this film is going to be absolutely enormous if the trailers are any indication. This is the long awaited follow up to Gareth Edwards Godzilla that released back in 2014. That film was the definition of a “slow burn” but the payoff was more than worth it. The payoff at the end of that film convinced audiences to want more of this updated version of Godzilla.

It’s been a full five years since we last saw Godzilla on the big screen, but that’s due in large part to King Kong’s most recent feature film, Kong: Skull Island. It’s understandable that Legendary Pictures postponed a Godzilla sequel in favor of their new take on King Kong seeing as in 2020, we are getting a Godzilla v Kong showdown!

Before that, we get to see Godzilla battle the Titans to protect the earth. In addition to Godzilla, the film will also show Mothra, Rodan, and one of Godzilla’s most formidable foes, the three-headed dragon King Ghidorah. It’s going to be the most epic and visually gorgeous monster brawls in the history of film. Don’t be surprised if the film takes home a Godzilla-sized box office as well!

Release Date: May 31


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